the attack on farmers is fascist

The fascist movement which has been going on since 2014 is something which cannot be ignored, it shall further be taken into consideration if BJP comes back in power we might not even have a democracy.

An agrarian economy of our repute needs to respect its farmers, farmers who have been demanding some basic rights have been treated as hooligans  by the government in power we shall be ashamed of such government and should protect the ailing farmers, with tear gas shells being poured on farmers lathi charge and water cannons welcoming the farmers on international non violence day , is nothing but a pictorial representation of undeclared emergency,in which if you dare to ask for your rights you will be ill-treated, if you question  the government you will be framed antinational.

farmers have demanded some basic rights and nothing a really high order an MSP which is practical and not just on paper, an abolition of certain tradition but for the goverment, it seems to be a threat. Is this the same nation? where JAI JAWAN JAI KISSAN was chanted? is this the same nation which took an economic boom due to the green revolution.

jai Hind


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