Alarming rate at Which Indian Air force Planes are crashing – we want safe equipment for our solders.

As the reports and reading of the economic times the Indian air force has lost around 10 aircraft’s.

The Indian Air Force has lost nearly 10 aircraft this year, the latest being an AN-32, whose wreckage was spotted on Tuesday in a heavily- forested mountainous terrain in Arunachal Pradesh, eight days after it went missing after taking off from Assam’s Jorhat. 

From Mirage 2000 to MiG-27, many of these aircraft had crashed in the month of February, officials said.

Whats alarming is the rate at which the defense budget is being played with and the safety and security of the men in uniform is being compromised.the table below shows the number of aircraft that have been lost from 2014-2018 the confinement of the forces to outdated machinery and and weapons seems to be stand still to the life of brave hearts these accidents are not limited to the airforce we have seen various fire outbreaks even the naval vessels of the Indian navy and many casualties have taken place in the Indian army due to faulty weapons.

YearNo. of aircraft accidents
2017-18(upto 04.03.2018)05

BBC called the Indian flying machines , Flying Coffins in the same report the BBC stated

But it is the Russian-made aircraft that form the backbone of the Indian fleet which have been the most accident-prone. The MiG jet in particular has become known as the “flying coffin” or the “widow maker”.

Two years ago, India’s then defence minister told an astonished parliament that more than half the 872 MiGs it had purchased from Russia had been lost in accidents, at a cost of over 200 lives.

Apparently, pilots regularly complain that some MiG models land too fast and that the design of the window canopy means they can’t see the runway properly.

With these situations aren’t the lives of our pilots at stake ? why is the government being so silent about the accidents and why has the number of raffels that had to be bought brought down.

One thought on “Alarming rate at Which Indian Air force Planes are crashing – we want safe equipment for our solders.

  1. Soldiers life is very valuable for any country n government should give attention to it . It doesn’t matter to whom we are taking but should have regularity check and purchase good quality n if not then should change their decision for future to be away from danger.


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