From Divider in chief to Prime Minister.

Time magazine, which published a cover story before the Indian election calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi the “Divider in Chief”, has in a quick about-face run report with a headline, “Modi Has United India Like No Prime Minister in Decades”

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With changing times the political scenario in India has taken another turn where pseudo nationalism has taken the high ground . Issues like education, employment, literacy, family security , farmer rights have been hijacked by war hysteria and political sabotage of religion.

Every day minorities are being suppressed and abused and the so called majoritarian government is silent about the issues ,social justice and social security are least thought of and man worship has become the talk of the hour, terror accused are becoming MP’s with more the 48% people elected having criminal records.

It seems cynical how the government in is blaming Nehru for all that they have failed to do , well least we forget that green revolution was by the Nehru regime, mocking and stooping down to really low standards is the new face of politics in India .

Though Mr Rahul Gandhi has been trolled for losing the elections , in my personal opinion he has emerged as a very mature and sensitive leaders whom having firm belief in love and respect. Yes we are losing the core values of the constitution with the passing days.

A strong opposition is important for a good democracy and it is time that oppositions reform themselves and come together to keep a check on the policies being formulated by the government and as citizens we should be sensitive towards propagandize and try and focus on real issues like unemployment which is all time high , the reduced budget of deffence politicization of the armed forces and increased hate crime in God’s own country

Talking Toms and Growling Pups


This is another ear into politics, left right and center have end up between facts dramatics and vocals.In specific, I am talking about how a prime minister has become dramatics expert and how a well-trolled man is struggling to get into the mainstream politics and trying to upload the legacy and the political regime of his family.

With parliament disfunctional almost for the present session and the talking tom not answering the questions of the opposition and goes on to say that I  am not allowed to speak in the parliament so I am speaking on the road side.The other own a new pup who is learning how to growl is making rhetorical statements trying to be poetic from scripted paper pads. Indian politics has become a drama with a great orator and a stage actor everything is trying to be linked to Nationalism whereas nationalism has started to become more of hero worship, The dramatic on stage which self-proclaims himself of being a protection shield for the every single countryman and not dealing with the actual issues not addressing the issue of counterfeit notes , corruption , black gold , unemployment. Well, I am no one to say but “Garajne wale badal baraste nahi”. With tricolour being tried to be saffron in occasions of laying the foundation stone of big statues which hold only cosmetic value.

A CHARISMATIC LEADER is pulling India to towards a dead end another nazi regime in making maybe. The world drawback to a true democracy is a weak opposition that is what i call the growling pup with regional parties not coming together and funny speeches being delivered from both the sides i don’t know the future of Indian Politics


Student Rights (Dedicated to Jnu)


When things went wrong,
Students shouted slogans and walked along
he right men stood with truth and never denied what was right,
Some opportunist made it Soldier VS student fight.

But the right men fought and were framed as anti-nationals,
fascist are on the go, They call it the JNU row,
Sub judice is the case but they want to take law in their hands.

They wanted to sideline Rohit they framed another man,
They say there will be no more minority institutions now on,
Jamia, Aligarh, St.Stephens all are gone,
Oh student of this great land come rise and shine,
fight for your rights.

I dont support anything said against India,
The person charged with sedition said in kashmir,
that kashmiri students should trust the constitution of India,
Soni suri was charged with sedition,So was Qurban Ali,

The sedetion law is the same uder which Bhagat Singh was booked,
students played major role in inpendence of India,
and student will fight for the rights of education,
The education budget went from 7% to 5% but its all right,
Because right(Bjp) thinks right is right and left(communist) thinks left is right,
But this is not a political fight is for the rights of student,the underprivleged.



It is mothers Love not political Drama-Anand Sharma insulted love of a mother (share if you support Narendra Modi)

With due respect Mr Sharma you know what, I feel ashamed today hqdefault

I certainly do. How can you  politicise a persons emotions for his mother, why would a Prime Minister act to cry?Mr Gandhi does cry for his family doesn’t he.Have some Shame sir you have insulted the most holy relationship that of  a mother and a child. You have insulted every single mother in the world by calling the tears as political Drama. I do agree that talking about Vadra was wrong at international platform but that does not mean you would insult the relation of a mother and child.

Is being poor and then becoming the prime minister a curse in tis nation? Even the prime minister is a Human being even he has emotions. From a person like you I never expected such comments. I have some questions to ask sir. Was Rahul Gandhi born poor ? Did any of his family members ever had an idea of what poverty is? Did you supreme leaders come from a non family norms? Did you make a leader out of you Rahul Baba.

Sir there is a limit to insult someones felling and you have done that today you have annoyed every single mother in the world.There are no elections coming up sir nor are there any agendas that you can talk of. Please raise the standard of your arguments not the level of you voice, because the depth matters more rather than the voice sir