I dedicate this article to our brave soldiers, do read and share regards son of a fauji

With the ongoing situation in the country ,it seems as if I have become a no man’s terrorist because I am criticising and writing against fascism in a democratic nation.
It is more like hitting my own self with a hammer. I have started feeling that roots of democracy are becoming stronger as people have started realising that a government machinery is a tool of the Ruling government but people have the power to resist and fight back fascism.

Ongoing fascism is not the same as it use to be before, yes it resembles somewhat to nationalist socialism . What is happening is really bad the student community is being a target for the very reason that they have liberal thinking and want to work towards a progressive socialist society. No man can be denied the very right to dissent and democracy in a secular and sovereign nation like India.There is an ongoing school of thought of HINDU RASHTRA which itself is defying the basic principals of the Indian constitution. Who shall have the right to decide who is nationalist or is anti-national? With terrorism becoming a political toy and peace talks shape of  some melodrama I request the government to take up some serious steps to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who are losing their life for their own  nation. I feel that more than politicising petty issues the government should take up firm and crisp actions  to provide Defense services with more technology and better armour .Every single soldier lost is a loss to the nation. I do not want the soldiers to become a bait to political issues.They die for the nation, they serve the nation, not some political party . Indian army is an  apolitical organisation based on the idea of the Top-20-Best-Quotes-From-Indian-Army-Soldiers-Awesome-Inspirational-Saying-14.jpgnation first and so-called nationalist parties should learn from the Indian army about nation first and rest later.

Jai Hind (Hindi: जय हिन्द) is a salutation, slogan, and battle cry most commonly used in India in speeches and communications pertaining to or referring to patriotism towards India (also known as Hind).

Chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai does not count as a certificate for being a nationalist as the largest voluntary army our own Army use the term JAI HIND. As far as records are concerned I have not read that a mere slogan `can make you a national of anti-national. Why can I not be an Indian if I say JAI HIND ? OR INQUILAB ZINDABAD. Mere statements do not make a man national. Why were peace loving citizens beaten up even when they said Jai hind?

Silence amounts to consent. Are you giving your consent to fascism by staying quite?



“The army is now like Cinderella getting all the love
and attention but it won’t be long before all is forgotten and it starts
receiving step-motherly treatment again.”

Anuradha Mathur, 56 APO (India Today, July 26, 1999. Letters.)

“My soldierly instincts tell me that we must remain alert.”
Gen. V P Malik, during the pullout operation by Pakistan, in an interview to CNN.

“After 65 years of being here, I have to prove my loyalty
to Thackeray.”

Dilip Kumar, on being provoked by the Shiv Sena chief’s demand to
return the Nishan-e-imtiaz award to Pakistan.

“The good news about Kargil is it united our nation;
the bad news is we lost young, brave soldiers;
the ugly part is the enemy refuses to accept its dead.”
Maj. Gen. (Retd.) S P Makkar (India Today, August 2, 1999. Letters.)

“What strikes me is that one the one hand, both countries
are basically boasting about their success — for domestic consumption.
And for the outside world, both say
they have been victims of aggression.”
Stephen Cohen of the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, on the post-Kagil
situation in India and Pakistan.

“It appears to be a typographical error
but we express our sincere regrets.”
Army spokesman Col. Shruti Kant, playing down the incident of the military
erroneously declaring Grenadier Y S Yadav dead and awarding him
a PVC posthumously.

“The enemy is such that it can’t call its own men its own,
and it thus cannot be trusted.”
Ge. V P Malik, Army Chief, saying that the war in Kargil was not yet over.

“A politician’s smile is sinister, reflecting
his inner motives. But the soldier’s is a tired yet contended one,
showing he has done his job.”
Aravind Gowda from Bangalore in India Today, August 9, 1999.

“Go and kill a few more Pakastanis.”
Nana Patekar, actor, asking Capt. S Jadhav in Drass to lose some weight
by killing the enemy.

“The difference between 1965, 1971 and now
is television. Leaders get on TV and say the most ridiculous things.”
KPS Gill, former chief of Punjab police, about politicians
speaking on the Kargil war, in The Indian Express.

“Well, Islamabad has won the toss — Delhi will dictate the rest of the match.”
India Today editorial, June 7, 1999.

“I am sure our jawans at the front
must have been really overjoyed.”
LK Advani, Home Minister, after India beat pakistan in the
Super Six encounter of the World Cup in cricket.

“I did not realize that the Lahore road would lead to Kargil.”
AB Vajpayee, PM, asking why Pak had not raised doubts about
the LOC during his trip.

“Pakistan understands the language of bullets,
not peace and friendship.”
Farooq Abdullah, J&K chief minister.

“I will not hesitate to send all my three sons to the front.”
Santosh kanwar, widow of Kargil hero Mangej Singh.

“Why should I cry? Everyone dying there is my son.”
Malti, mother of maj. R Adhikari, who died in Kargil.

“My contribution is nothing compared to what
the jawans are going through.”
Rangarao V Pawar, who donated the Rs 5 lakh he had saved for
his daughter’s wedding, to the disabled soldier’s fund.

“When two countries are fighting it’s veru hard to go out
and play on the cricket field.”

Sachin tendulkar, cricketer.

“It is time our forces were allowed to cross the LOC
and liberate Pak-occupied Kashmir.”
Kalyan Singh, Uttar pradesh CM.

“If Pakistan wants this to end in the battlefield, then it will go on.”
George fernandes, defence minister, on the options before India
to end the war in Kargil.

“Hope the ‘lest we forget’ tribute to heroes
isn’t turned into a ‘best we forget’ one by our leaders and babus after the war.”
Wg. Cdr. SC Kapoor in India Today, Letters, July 12, 1999.

“Why should I cry ? Everyone dying on the front is my son and I pray that next time I get 10 sons, all for the country.”
Mother of Major Adhikari, killed in Drass Sector.

“May every home produce a son like you so that the enemy dare not touch the territorial sanctity of our country.”
Mother of Lt. Saurav Kalia, killed in Kargil

“I feel privileged as the country is proud of my son who has become a martyr … and is immortal.”
Father of Flt Engr. Raj Kishore Sahu, killed in Kargil

She said that she wants to send all her three sons to the front. “I won’t hesitate, and I shall be proud if they die defending the country like their father,” she said in honour..
the widow of Naib Subedar Mangel Singh

“We want peace but it cannot be one-sided.”
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Prime minister

“The enemy has started the fight, but it is we who will fire the last shot, and the war will end only on our terms. That is our choice.”
V.P. Malik,COAS

“From here we can continue to build. We lost some time, but that phase is over.”
Jaswant Singh, external affairs minister.

“Our officers are not directing the battle from behind, but are right in the front.”
George Fernandes, Defence minister.

“Pakistan understands the language of bullets, not peace and friendship.”
Farooq Abdullah, J&K chief minister

“There is world of difference between the India and Pakistan economy.”
Yashwant Singh, Finance Minister.

Kashmiris would rather die following the footsteps of Gandhi Ji than accept the two nation theory. We want to link the destiny of Kashmir with India because we feel that the deal before India and Kashmir is one and the same
Sheikh Abdullah

“The intrusion by heavily armed Pakistan-backed mercenaries across the Line of control (LoC) into the Kargil sector under the cover of heavy artillery fire has threatened to sour the spirit of the Lahore Declaration.”
Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley.

“We will not hesitate to use any weapon in our arsenal as our security is more dear to us than the advice of international leaders which is one-sided “
Foreign Secretaryof Pakistan, Shamshad Ahmad

“Win the skirmish.
Win the battle.
Win the war.”
An advt. slogan adopted by India Today.

“Mission Accomplished.
Let every Indian,
No matter who,
No matter where,
Take a pledge on this,
The 53rd Independence day,
To do his or her duty,
To the fullest,
To his or her family,
To society at large,
And to our great nation…”
Copy of a DAVP advt. in The Pioneer.


Why is this happening? why are we being denied of our basic rights. Is another JALIAN WALA bagh incident being called for. Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1973, empowers a magistrate to prohibit an assembly of more than ten people in an area. According to sections 141-149 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the maximum punishment for engaging in rioting is rigorous imprisonment for 3 years and/or fine.What is happeing in the holy land of Punjab where are the rights of common people where is the right of punjab will there be another violation against us the punjabi speaking people what is happening to india ? are these the acche din Narendar Modi talked about

according to indian express

Two people were killed and 82 injured Wednesday as protests over the alleged desecration of a copy of the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, turned violent and spread to several villages of Faridkot. As police opened fire to disperse protesters at Behbal Kalan village, two men — Gurjit Singh and Krishan Singh — were killed. Earlier, protesters torched three police vehicles, three Punjab Roadways buses and some private vehicles. Twelve police personnel were among those injured in the clashes. Apart from dharnas in various villages — Behbal Kalan, Panjgrain, Bajakhana and Bargadi at Faridkot — protests were also held in Ferozepur, Sangrur, Muktsar, Malaut, Bathinda and Ludhiana. While normalcy was restored in Faridkot town by the evening, the villages continued to remain tense. The district saw heavy police deployment with protesters refusing to back down till the culprits were nabbed. Meanwhile, a Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by the DIG, Ferozepur range, A S Chahal, was formed to probe the alleged desecration of the Sikh holy book. According to sources, ADGP Law & Order, S Rohit Chaudhary, was camping in Faridkot to monitor the investigation. Still looking for a breakthrough, the police also announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh to anyone providing useful information in the case. The trouble began after torn pages from the Sikh holy book were found in Bargadi village on October 12. Sikh protesters brandishing swords and rods had started gathering at the Kotakpura chowk since October 12, blocking all roads leading to Faridkot, Bathinda and Moga. On Tuesday, too, protesters who had spent night on dharna at the chowk were dispersed by force, but they returned, leading to Wednesday morning’s clash with the police. Later, the police booked 44 persons for rioting. As police claimed that its personnel opened fire in self-defence, DIG A.S Chahal said a team led by SSP Moga, Charanjeet Sharma, was attacked with stones by protesters. “Not only this, one of them even used 12 bore pistol and fired at police team,” he added. Police booked 44 people for rioting. Of these, 28 were booked at Kotakpura city police station for the Kotakpura chowk incident while another 16 were booked at Kotakpura Sadar police station for Behbal Kalan incident. Section 144 has been imposed in the entire district.

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Barbaric killings 3 year old killed by terrorist

Kashmiri citizens want to go to Pakistan this was told by an extremist leaders few days back. I would appreciate if he could tell the world why are Kashmiri citizens being killed by their so called nation. Terror has no religion nor does it have any humanity left. what was the fault of three year old Burhan was he doing any harm to any one? Burhan’s father, Bashir Ahmed was a former terrorist. But it has been 15 years since he gave up the gun and settled as a fruit merchant in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

Is giving terror a call to indirect homicide, why is the hurriyat silence now? where are their so-called principles of a safe place for the citizens. Friends and well wishers of indian subcontinent don’t you think we should talk about a safer india and anti social elements and pseduo -friends should be terminated?



Are you from INDIA ? asked a man and I replied yes I am an INDIAN . You guys still worship cows and trees? He asked in a very strange manner and to that I replied , yes we worship mother cow and trees we still believe that mother earth is above all and we feel proud about that . He started laughing in an astonishing way hahahahhahah oh really hahhahahahah . Then why are the Maoist fighting for jungle rights and is that true that you are the largest exporters of beef, oh i forgot what about the non accounted funds in your temples, mosque and what not. I was annoyed by him saying all this but somewhere within me I knew what he said was right. I tried retaliating by saying faith is above all ,we are the fastest growing economy and what not but even to that he had an answer. What faith? Are you talking about those self proclaimed god men who are involved in scandals? I had no answer to that and said stop insulting my Nation it is on the verge of change and we have started moving in a positive manner towards change. What is change for you people rallies or lighting of candles which has no effect. You were enslaved by the west before and now you all are enslaved by their culture you are killing your own self ,we Germans have our culture our language our way of life and we follow it and still grow ,but you people cannot even live your own culture .that brought tears in my eyes and then i had to cut the call .

Cricket and Peace talks

with the violation of ceasefire and killing of humans on both sides now we decide not to play cricket together playing no cricket is not the solution. is it ? with major James in the last decade and kargil before that, are we now looking forward to a no talks solution? which certainly is hypothetical with two nations with different mind sets we need talks in coming time not war.the battle today is about the economy not about lives or land. Europeans have always wanted exploit the weakness of bond between the pan Asia livelihood. we need to decide collectively about our future as a continent rather than an invisible had which is some what visible governing us. united we stand and need to have a future of togetherness and trade an economy which takes not just a country but the continent to new levels.

now that we are talking about peace lets even talk about better opportunities of trade too.

Reservations in INDIA – share for a better INDIA

buses have reserved seat, examinations/colleges have reserved seats. but why? cant a well off jatt teach his children with reservations? why does a person belonging to schedule caste where in most of the people are IAS OFFICERS require reservation,a Brahman who total income is less than 6 thousand per month his children wont get reservations why? because is not a hari jaan as mahatma Gandhi said. the problem of reservation can be resolved   only when we start thinking of it with a perspective of equality. yes reservations are required but not caste based rather they should be need based reservations as i quoted above in the example which talked about the Brahman, he would certainly require financial help to feed his children.management has its own quota religion has its own. lets do one thing then lets have reservation for everything that only a sc can become the prime minister , only sikhs can join the army. we are a progressing country and we need reforms in our system the same old systems like the laws wont work now. with time even the machinery needs to be repaired/changed lets all be united towards a cause of equality. what if INDIAN army starts having quota system our front lines would get devastated in seconds it the calibre that matters not the caste


independence and beyond-independent or still slaves to family rule? every indian should read once and share

with 69 th independence day approaching in few minutes from now i still doubt about few simple things. are we independent or we yet have to achieve it ? with Britishers leaving India, Dynasties like Nehrus, scindhias and pilots took over we have been ruled by them since independence. is this freedom that people like chandar shekhar azad, bhagat singh, udham Singh and others dreamt of . yes we are progressing we have reached Mars but women i our country are still afraid to step out of thire house at night. honest people have been brutally butchered . youth is forcefully being sent to a vicious circle called the drug nexus which some how is related to the dynasty rule.before i wish you all happy independence day i have  few questions to ask. who elects the government ? who is the servant of people on India ? why are ex-army men being disrespected?

having a word to people in and around india i realized we are free but not freely independent if you feel the same do leave you comments below .

with the rise in crimes rates and decrease in employment . don’t you think made in INDIA would be a better option than make  IN INDIA. we are progressing no doubt . we are getting stronger every passing second but what we all are lacking is moral upbringing. why are we still lacking schools even after having education sees worth millions of crore. Increase in the salary of an MLA can be done in few minutes,whereas a war veteran waits for years and is brutally beaten up

why are the law makers of this nation having no or very less knowledge about law? why is the parliament being disrupted every now and then.

will putting a whatsapp dp as TIRANGA be better or picking up the flags which will be thrown all around after the flag hosting?

happy independence day fellow country men let us all unite and fight against evils like

#drug abuse
$vvip racism
%nahi hopayega funda

regards govind bali @we like govind (riderboy)USA-Independence-day-best-greetings-2014

Holy Lord – The law

holy book of India the Constitution will never bow down infornt of any religion,no religion is greater than the god of law. to people out there who said Yakub memon is being hanged because he belongs to a particular religion to them India was is and always will be Democratic secular nation . you secluded mind set can not destroy the sovereignty and integrity of our nation, our solders die on the borders because of terror attacks, innocent people are killed and you want mercy for them. this was a landmark judgement which proved the transparent nature of INDIAN judiciary.every thing which Yakub could avail through law he did and lost the battle stop saying it now that it was wrong .I  have an appeal to specific people from lutians DELHI stop it when you say you are peoples voice, go and get a survey done and you will realize you are the voice of minority not the majority, with due respect to the human right activist to fight for the poor children,the orphanage flesh market,denial of equal rights, drug abuse. as said in hindi language ANTH BHALA TOH SAB BHALA (if it ends well it was right ). we all have to salute the bench of supreme court which sat down at 3 A.M at night to address this issue and came out with a verdict.