independence and beyond-independent or still slaves to family rule? every indian should read once and share

with 69 th independence day approaching in few minutes from now i still doubt about few simple things. are we independent or we yet have to achieve it ? with Britishers leaving India, Dynasties like Nehrus, scindhias and pilots took over we have been ruled by them since independence. is this freedom that people like chandar shekhar azad, bhagat singh, udham Singh and others dreamt of . yes we are progressing we have reached Mars but women i our country are still afraid to step out of thire house at night. honest people have been brutally butchered . youth is forcefully being sent to a vicious circle called the drug nexus which some how is related to the dynasty rule.before i wish you all happy independence day i have  few questions to ask. who elects the government ? who is the servant of people on India ? why are ex-army men being disrespected?

having a word to people in and around india i realized we are free but not freely independent if you feel the same do leave you comments below .

with the rise in crimes rates and decrease in employment . don’t you think made in INDIA would be a better option than make  IN INDIA. we are progressing no doubt . we are getting stronger every passing second but what we all are lacking is moral upbringing. why are we still lacking schools even after having education sees worth millions of crore. Increase in the salary of an MLA can be done in few minutes,whereas a war veteran waits for years and is brutally beaten up

why are the law makers of this nation having no or very less knowledge about law? why is the parliament being disrupted every now and then.

will putting a whatsapp dp as TIRANGA be better or picking up the flags which will be thrown all around after the flag hosting?

happy independence day fellow country men let us all unite and fight against evils like

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regards govind bali @we like govind (riderboy)USA-Independence-day-best-greetings-2014


life is a song,
which at times sound wrong ,
sometimes smiles are all around,
at times tears are the mere song

Beauty is that sun shines,
and moon visits every night,
nights are dark and days are bright.
birds fly and the wind blows,
at times you smile and at times you cry

Just remember down falls are not end of life,
there will be days giving bright light,

Worship the lord within you and,
enjoy the song of rise and fall.

and keep moving on


Inqlab –zindabad  two words which changed the name of freedom struggle in India friends ,we the youngsters can to bring freedom .we can be free  corruption ,illiteracy, crime , political mafia
A Bhagat singh said to make the deaf hear the blast need to loud . Article 66A has been abolished by the honorable supreme court of India ,this is a shake to the fearless politician we can be the change now we have the right to say what is right then why hold ourselves back why not go out there and speak out ? why not? question the politicians about the wrongs they do . why should we give donations while getting admissions when our constitution gives us the right to education and do you know? In our respected nation we pay road tax as-well as toll tax .i meet a police constable few weeks back and i would like to quote his word “BHAIYA HUM TAB KAAM KARENGAY NA JAB NETA KAAM KARNE DENGAY” this is the scenario of our motherland. On one hand we say our spaceship reached Mars in a budget less than a Hollywood movie on the other hand more than 100 Hollywood movie could be produced by the amount involved in scams and used for political campaigns

Let the sound of your voice so loud that even deaf  hear these words make me think again and again can’t we all speak out and roar for change so that the deaf politicians can hear. IAS officers IPS officers are forced to do wrongful acts else they are mutilated by the so-called democratic political system of India . murders are called suicides in this nation violation of law is called emergency , i have one question can’t we apply to the world court that the colonial rule should be considered as abuse of human rights and dignity. “HAMARE APNON HE HUMEIN ALAG KARDIYA ISSE BURA KYA HOGA”  I can just this much of the quote otherwise they would name as breach of right of speech .we killed our own people in 1984 many other times to . we have not received the freedom that we should have as saheed-e-azam said freedom will be when we will not fight on the name of religion,when there will be equal rights for everyone and every one of us will be safe and educated. That wont happen Gandhi raj it will have to be done by aggressive revolt without violence.