Kashmir Emerging trends and the Mufti Era (A fauji Kid’s views)

Is this beginning of an era of new dynamic or are the old days coming back? Well, some might call it the Bajpai regime which was of Kashmiriyat or should I say he was the prime minister who was able to connect himself the most to Kashmiri people, none the less one can’t ignore the economic benefits local residents gained from the Kargil war, for potters and drivers with was a treasure hunt a few shared they were paid really high for transporting ration etc. The prolonged militancy seems to mellow down with time but it saw a steep rise from 2014 and it had a new form as I wrote earlier in  https://awazthevoice.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/changing-face-of-militancy/ my article changing face of militancy, but what we observe  now is a stance of growing aggression from both sides with changing methodologies and increasing bounty on the infiltrators and anti- social elements belonging to  the state and many non state actors too.

When I say it is a new era I say it with a belief that the law makers and the security forces have a stronger hand now they a eliminating the terrorist in a planned manner with the arrest of Hurriyat leaders on the behest of Money laundering and the combing up operations along with active encounters is seeming to be a determined view of the Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed government to clear the weeds out of the valley as they are trying to clean the Dal lake, well what needs to noticed is that every terrorist gunned down is giving rise to more and more people pelting stones which need to be looked in by the administration, every time there is an operation a crowd gets active which pelts stones and acts as a hurdle, terrorism is not a law and order problem which was accepted by the whole world which earlier believed that only third world countries were infected by the pest of the genes terrorism.

Yes, there has been an increase in the number of human right violations in J&K but even soldiers are humans where do the so called activist disappear when soldiers are mutilated police men are lynched? Why is Lutens Delhi still silent about the growing number of stone pelters why are pellets still the solution where are the promises of Kashmiri-yat? I leave you here with these questions will be back soon with more on the issue

Elite Schools,ISIS(An insight into Dhaka attacks)

Is it a failure of  the education system world wide or is it a failure in grooming, something  which I call as the bush parasite is now taking a very bad shape, something that started with Taliban for extraction of petrol is now extracting lives.

How harsh is it that engineers are joining terror groups bombing all around , elite school children created a havoc in the city of Dhaka by turning into killing machines


Shamim Mubashir, who went to Scholastica, one of Dhaka’s top school



Rohan Imtiaz, seen in the ISIS picture and on Facebook (right) is also from Scholasitca


Nibras Islam went to another elite Dhaka School, called Turkish Hopes.

No one has an answer as to why these elite school educated students turned terrorist, Men who studied whats called as modern education where very well brained washed by The misguided men from ISIS . What is happening to this world? Is there a solution? If we take on them they would take on us, but by doing nothing we are just giving them a chance to propagate more.

The religious angle is  no more there as in past four attacks Muslim cities have been targeted something is out of had, something in missing in the grooming of children is the society turning anomic?




RIP Maj. Amit Deswal

Major Amit Deswal of 21 Para was today  in an encounter with ZUF militants in Manipur’s Tamenglong district.

 Maj Amit Deswal was commissioned on 10 Jun 2006 into Regt Of Arty. After his basic service he recognised that his calling is somewhere more adventurous.. He opted for Special Group at first but finally opted and was selected and marooned into the coveted Special Forces. .
He joined the elite unit in Jan 2011.He was physically robust which was reflected in his performance at the ‘Ghatak Course ‘, where he secured ‘ Commando Dagger – Best Student’ at 8 yrs of service .
He got inducted in Manipur for Op Hifazat II in Jan 2016.
After relentless hard work combined with a superior tactical acumen, the officer homed on to eliminate the leadership of NSCN K and ZNF cadres. With his Cdo spirit at helm he followed them and in an ensuing gunfight on 13 April 2016, he sustained two GSW in stomach. Despite grieviously injured the offr shot down the top militant Cadres at last Light in Tamenglong District. The Bravegeart breathed his last in the true traditions of a Warrior, a Commando , fighting till the End.

7 soldiers killed in Pathankot(stop talks with Pakistan)Share as much as possible.-by son of a fauji

Should terror and talks go hand in hand?The answer is a big NO.With 7 more soldiers dead and around 12 injured why are we still thinking of having talks with Pakistan. Mulatini is spoken in Pakistan, calls were made from there. weapons were from Pakistan, what more evidence do we need?

I as the citizen of India first and son of a soldier later. Put this question to the Government, How many more Fathe Singh, How many more Major Thomas.Pakistan needs an answer and we the Indian demand that a firm reply shall be given to the proxy war like elements.

There is no good or bad terrorism lets make it clear terrorism is terrorism. Why are we giving Pakistan a chance and loophole by saying that there are anti-social elements who are disrupting peace talks?What have we gained from  talks? There needs to be a strict foreign policy regarding Pakistan.

As a soldier’s son, I felt bad that people from Pakistan are saying on our media channels that our soldier’s were incapable of fighting back.
I wantPeshawar attack when they were unable to save innocent lives.
soldier dies for the motherland and a politician does anything for power but we would not let this happen. There shall be no talks with Pakistan till the time they are funding terror.

According to reports, Nawaz Sharifs election campaign was funded by Osama bin laden, still the generosity of INDIANS gave him another chance. We have tried our best now it is the time that we stop talking to the bunch of cowards who have been using a bunch of drug addict people to kill innocent Indians.




Global terrorism is extreme both in its lack of realistic goals and in its cynical exploitation of the vulnerability of complex system.No with the on going scenario with Taliban on one hand and Isis on the other. I fail to understand is it fault of religion or religion taken in wrong sense.

Yes i am a kaffir because i do not follow Islam. But it is nowhere written in the holy Quran that kill everyone who is not a muslim. There are peace-loving muslims too.APJ ABDUL KALAM was one of them, why are these separatist making life of common muslims difficult. Terror in any sense is wrong  and the only difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist is of emotions and BHAGAT SINGH said no matter how bad thing go we the global citizens should be united against terror.

The best way to perpetuate poverty is by spending on arms and military, and the best way to fight terrorism is by fighting the basic needs of humanity, because hunger and poverty perpetuate crime. Particularly talking about asian nations like Bangladesh,pakistan,Myanmar  etc poverty is one major cause of terrorism such nations should unite together for a better future and business opportunities.

What happened in France should be condemned but what happens in India every day should also be condemned whole. I guess world now has realized that terrorism is not just a Law and order situation.

Another attack – 3 more soldiers share if you respect INDIAN ARMY

Three Army soldiers were injured in a grenade blast in north Kashmir’s Kupwara area on Wednesday.For how long will this go on how many more brave hearts are we gonna loose what is the reason behind the sudden rise in the terror attacks. Will the quote history repeats itself come true during the Vajpayee regime a war was called for will another war come forth?

according an article in INDIA TODAY (online)Some unidentified militants hurled a grenade on a bunker of 41 Rashtriya Rifles at an old bus stand in frontier district of Kupwara, an army official said.He said the grenade was tossed outside the office of town commander on Hyhama-Kupwara road at around 2:25 pm.

The grenade exploded with a loud bang and windowpanes of several vehicles were damaged due to the explosion.

The area has been cordoned off to nab the attackers.

With due respect, I would like to question the government’s stand over the ongoing terror situation.Army is doing its duty to the fullest but what is the diplomatic lobby doing

                                                                       LET US DEMAND A SAFER INDIA  

Barbaric killings 3 year old killed by terrorist

Kashmiri citizens want to go to Pakistan this was told by an extremist leaders few days back. I would appreciate if he could tell the world why are Kashmiri citizens being killed by their so called nation. Terror has no religion nor does it have any humanity left. what was the fault of three year old Burhan was he doing any harm to any one? Burhan’s father, Bashir Ahmed was a former terrorist. But it has been 15 years since he gave up the gun and settled as a fruit merchant in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

Is giving terror a call to indirect homicide, why is the hurriyat silence now? where are their so-called principles of a safe place for the citizens. Friends and well wishers of indian subcontinent don’t you think we should talk about a safer india and anti social elements and pseduo -friends should be terminated?


Cricket and Peace talks

with the violation of ceasefire and killing of humans on both sides now we decide not to play cricket together playing no cricket is not the solution. is it ? with major James in the last decade and kargil before that, are we now looking forward to a no talks solution? which certainly is hypothetical with two nations with different mind sets we need talks in coming time not war.the battle today is about the economy not about lives or land. Europeans have always wanted exploit the weakness of bond between the pan Asia livelihood. we need to decide collectively about our future as a continent rather than an invisible had which is some what visible governing us. united we stand and need to have a future of togetherness and trade an economy which takes not just a country but the continent to new levels.

now that we are talking about peace lets even talk about better opportunities of trade too.


Route CAUSE of terrorism in India has been some mistakes made by our ancestors on both sides. we are fighting for Kashmir which has killed many innocent people many soldiers have laid their lives. when ever we talk about terrorism a country  called Pakistan comes in but what is the fault of the citizens of this nation it the anti -social elements who are exploiting jihad , every one can see the difference two counties got independent in 1947 one of them has reached mars and the other one is still trying to enter INDIA.

it is not the pseudo democratic government of Pakistan  that is wrong but it is the ISI which is destroying the peace. I just want to ask the citizens on both side why are our people killed for their political needs . Kashmir  has become a business hatred is not going to help up those hypocrites who are living in your country please stand against them now it is not just Asia that is being affected many other organisations are coming to your nation to get trained and kill people. the holy kuran also says truth should be accepted then why not accept it and eliminate terrorism


How shameful is it that world is seeing a 16 y/o terrorist talking about jihad and blaming Pakistan. is this goes on what will happen why are Pakistani paid agents doing this again and again.killing innocents and brain washing  them on the name of jihad is not a solution will destruction bring any thing to us why are we fighting . It is the solders who die on both sides not Hindus or Muslims. it is loss of human life not of a religion . some times i fell as if we are heading towards the end of humanity with young ,poor ,uneducated people being trained to butcher humanity on name of religion. which religious book teaches us to kill no book does that.but fooling mankind is becoming a business.not only on the name of jihad but also with some baba claiming to cure any problem having special powers. it is not just a religion terrorism has no religion it abuses religion.when i was 2 years old i had visited dad at URI shelling was all around and i told mom see diwali is being celebrated that is what killings were for a kid .India to me has become a system with alot of viruses affected from all side Myanmar at one end Pakistan at other china dominating the top. World needs to take a united stand now