Mujhe waqt ka taqaza mat de,
Mai who hoon jo than le toh waqt badal doon,
Aur agar waqt bura ho toh yamana badalon
Mat batla mujhe ki talash hai tujhe ek mauke ki,
Mai khudh ek arse se tera itazar mei hoon ki kab tujhe jawab doon,
Chalte chalte ek arsa hoga tu waqt ke dar mein aur honsalon mein khogaya
Yaman aur ayega tera waqt mera honsala ke samne lachar hojayega
Jo kehte hai ki waqt bura hai unhen tawajo mat de kyunki kya mauloom kiska honsla kab pehalwan hojayega
-Govind Bali


Zindagi ek kahani

हां जिंदगी मुश्किल है हां यह जिंदगी मुश्किल है आसान और खूबसूरत है यह जिंदगी अगर खुशियों से देखोगे
हौसला रखो कि यह जिंदगी अभी बाकी है सुना है मोहब्बत की और जिंदगी की एक अलग ही कहानी है

जो मिलना था वह मिला नहीं जो होना था वह हो या नहीं जिंदगी मुश्किल है
दूसरों को देख कर यूं ना हौसला हारा करो
जिंदगी हसीन है रातें रंगीन है इन्हे बस मुस्कुरा कर देखा करो
वह जो सवाल है जहन में उन्हें यूं ना छुपाया करो,
दूसरों को देख कर यूं ना घबराया करो उन सवालों को भी जवाब की जरूरत है, हौसला आपका जैसे भगवान की मूरत है जिंदगी को हसीन होने के लिए आप के हौसले की जरूरत है
गोविंद बाली।

Triple Talaq criminalisation politically correct not legally

The Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Bill 2017 seeks to make the instant “triple talaq” a criminal offense and proposes up to three years in jail as punishment for a Muslim man who divorces his wife by saying “talaq” thrice, well the apex court announced triple talak as unconstitutional and  hence the lawmakers believe there shall be a bill on the same , triple talak is certainly and practice which has been exploiting Muslim women in India but we need to realise that there have been law earlier too to protect the rights of muslim women, like the muslim women disolution of marriage actMuslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act (1986)protects the rights of Muslim women who have been divorced by or have obtained divorce from their husbands.That has not made any substantial change whatsoever, by punishing the husband to a   jail term of three years how do you expect his to maintain his ex-wife or the lady on whom he used the triple talaq.

Well we need to realize that it is not just the legislation which would stop such practices but it is the education of rights to Muslim women which would stop such practices, making it unconstitutional itself makes it invalid but by criminalizing it we actually denying the reformative structure of Indian penal system we punish to reform but imprisonment for  this crime would end up in denying the right to be maintained, rather than  reforming the person it is destroying the already emotionally distorted women, there is a requirement to amend the muslim marriage act and potrey the need of a single marriage with a divide in various schools of muslim law it makes it more difficult , we need a reformative society and yes triple talaq is wrong and is very much poltically correct for the right wingers to say that they are working for the rights of women and what not but they are still dneying the right to be maintained .



GD Goenka concludes Commercial Arbitration Competition 2017

The inaugural session of the G D Goenka CIArb International Commercial Arbitration Competition 2017 took place in Hyatt Regency hotel on 24th November 2017. The event was a grand success with an august gathering of renowned legal dignitaries who shared their thoughts on arbitration, lega, legal ethics and importance of arbitration law.

The evening began with the lighting of the lamps by Mrs. Renu Goenka, Honourable chancellor G.D.Goenka University and all other esteemed guests of the evening. Prof.(Dr).S.Shantakumar delivered the welcome address , Dr.Lalit Bhasin, President, CIArb (India),SILF, Bar association of India inaugurated the event with his address to the participating teams of the Arbitration Competition , Dr.Sidharth Luthra, Senior Advocate, Supreme court of India was the key-note speaker who emphasised on professional ethics in arbitration and it how it is litigant friendly, Ms.Bina Gupta, Advocate, Supreme court of India Chairperson Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) highlighted the fact that globalisation has help reduce all international barriers which has contributed to better international justice through international arbitration. Mrs.Renu Goenka Honourable chancellor G.D.Goenka University felicitated the dignitaries.

Mr. Nipun Goenka , Managing Director, G D Goenka University, Deans of School of Hospitality, Engineering, Fashion Designing, Management, Architecture were present for the occasion. The inaugural event was also graced by the presence of Mr.Ganesh Chandru (Executive Partner at Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan and he heads the firm’s International Arbitration Practice Group), V.Inbavijayan (International Arbitrator), Deepak Narayanan (Practising Advocate, Member of MCIArb, Arbitration Consultant at Kove Global LLP), Arpan Kr. Gupta (Senior Associate International Arbitration Practice Group Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan New Delhi), Adv. (CaptT) Alex Anthony (Certified IICL inspector for ISO containers , Qualified Surveyor certified by IRDA, Accrediated Mediator qualified from Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation, Certified Arbitrators) , G. Sivabalamurugan ( Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India), Joseph Aristotle (Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India), P.V. Saranvanaraja (Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India), Rajiv Dutta (Senior Advocate), Ratan Singh (Advocate & Arbitrator), Ajay Thomas (Advocate & Arbitrator) and Sameer Shah ( International Arbitrtaor).


The participating teams were all excited to experience the first of its kind Arbitration Competition in India. This competition would surely encourage young law students to acquire the necessary knowledge skills and values associated with arbitration which is believed to be the future of dispute resolution in the country.

Two international and twenty-four national teams had registered for the arbitration competition. The preliminary rounds commenced following all arbitration rules. The teams put forth their opinions and arguments and the rounds were judged by eminent personalities of law. After rigorous negotiations in the quarterfinals of the competitive GD Goenka International Commercial Arbitration Competition 2017, four best teams out of eight were selected to proceed to the semi-finals. The eminent debating and the level of the negotiations by the participating teams took the judges by surprise. However, at the end of such an impactful session, the esteemed judges chose the two most deserving teams as the finalists.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.K Sharma (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India) was the Chief Guest of the Valedictory session where the results were announced and the awarding ceremony was concluded.

Government Law College, Mumbai team are the winners of this Competition and Symbiosis, Pune team are the runners up. The Best Speaker Male has been awarded to Habib Naved (RGNLU) & the Best Speaker Female has been awarded to K Salma Jennath (NUALS, Kochi). The award for Best Memorial has been given to Rajiv Gandhi National Law University team. Campus Law Centre, Delhi University team has been awarded the Runners Up, Best Memorial Award. After the award ceremony was completed, cash prize was awarded.

As correctly put forth by Mr. Lalit Bhasin [Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India & President, Soceity of Indian Law Firms; also President of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), India] in his presidential address that each participant is a winner as they were the chosen one to represent their universities in this competition. It was a tough competition but nonetheless the learning experience has been very enriching and it is something that each participant will take back with them.

सोशियल मीडीया पर बढ़ते धर्म विरोधी नारे वा कार्टून हिन्दुस्तान की एकता को ख़तरा हैं

सोशियल मीडीया पर बढ़ते धर्म विरोधी नारे वा कार्टून हिन्दुस्तान की एकता को ख़तरा हैं, चयए भगवान राम हो या फिर गुरु नानक हर धर्म के देवी देवताओं पारकेचड़ उछालने की कोशिश की जराही है , सोचने की बात यह है की साइबर क्राइम विंग इन मुद्दों पर कोई आक्षन क्यूँ आयी ले रहा, आसा पोस्ट सांप्रदीय द्नागो का मूल कर्ण बन सकते हैं, सोचने की बात यह है की हम लोग एकऐसी सभ्यता की हिसा है जो एकता , सामजिक नया , वा सब ध्ृम का पालन करना सिखाती है फिर भी कुछ लोग भारत की सभ्यता का उलंगण क्र धार्मिक विचारों से . छिड़ छाड़ कर एक ग़लत वतवर्ण बना रहे है, इप्सी की धारा २९५आ ऐसा लोगों को १० साल की सज़ा व डंडा य दोनो सुनती है , बढ़ते साइबर क्राइम की और हूमें जागरूप होना होगा और एक अतुल्या भारत के और बढ़ना होगा .

गोविंद बाली

बेटा बेटी सभी को पढ़ना है |

बेटा बेटी सभी को पढ़ना है |
नानी वाली कहँनी हुई पुरानी ,एब्ब बेटी को जहाज़ उड़ाना है बेटी को एक नया कल लेकर आन है,
सुनो सुनो सब सुनो सुनो
बेटी को पढ़ना है बेटी को बढ़ाना है ,एक नया कल लेकर आना है ,वो P.ट उषा भी बेटी थी , वो कल्पना भी बेटी थी वो सोनिया भी बेटी है,
बेटी को पढ़ना है सीख्सा का डीप हर घर लगाना है, देश को आगे बढ़ाना है|
जाग जननी है वो, फहीर शुक क्यूँ जब जन्मी है वो ? एक नयी सोच लानी है बेटी पढ़ानी है बेटी बढ़ानी है,
तेज़ाब मूह पर फेंकना बेटी के रूज़ की दुखद कहानी है , हम दमणी का दामन ना बचा सके यह निंदनिया बात बतानी है,
८५० है लड़कियाँ १००० लड़कों पार हरयणँ में शरम आती है मुझे यह बात बतलने में.
जाग मैं लाई जो वो मम्मी भी तो एक बेटी थी , जिसने लिखना सिखाया वो मेडम भी तो एक बेटी थी, जिसने सुनाई कहानी थी वो दादी भी एक बेटी थी, वो जिसने पापा की मार से बचाया था वो बेहन भी तो एक बेटी थी,
बेटी को सख्साम बना है ,एक नया दौर लाना है , अप सबको स्कूल ऑफ लॉ का , बेटी पढ़ो बेटी बढ़ों का नाटक दिखना है ,


From ‘Wah Taj’ to No Taj

One knows that ‘The Taj’ is one amongst the World’s Wonders!
One knows that it is one amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!! 
One knows The Taj as a legend of eternal love of an Emperor for his favourite Queen!!!

The world heritage site has been refused a place in the Uttar Pradesh tourism manual, With some mister, Som has gone to the extent of saying that taj mahal hardly has any value as people who built it was traitors, the Whole Raisaina Hill was built by the Britishers while even the red fort  was built by the Mughals name a monument in which is not having its history with Mughals of the Britishers  apart from the temples in south, the railways was a gift of traitors so was the Parliament, the constitution has some of its constituents borrowed from various nations, But our Mr. Som is of the opinion that the nation was always what it is today, India is a union of states which have their own cultural heritage and history battle of Panipat , Mahabharata the War of Chandi, The Gazi Attack, Kargil, Sino-India all belong to united Secular Socialist India. One point needs to be very clear the Maratha Empire also build many forts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Buildings_and_structures_of_the_Maratha_Empire and heritage but I was not maintained by the Society Itself, we shall not forget who brought in the coinage, who brought Rice, who started writing the History who was the first man to revoke the tax on religious travel in the Mughal Rule, Ashoka was much more bloodthirsty than any emperor who has ever been to India, though he was a great King and later adopted Buddhism , How can one forget Pushyamithra Sunga

The Brahmin King, who usurped the throne from the Mauryan Ruler exhibited the characteristics of a fanatic by following a cruel policy of exterminating the Buddhist Monks and destroying the Structures

“….slaughtered monks and the organization’s residence; after which he proceeded to Shakala (Sialkot) where he issued an edict awarding a gold piece for every head of a Buddhist monk brought to him. These accounts state the destruction continued until he arrived at the Bodhi tree.According to other accounts, Pushyamitra Shunga proceeded to Shakala and offered 100 Dinars for the head of every Buddhist monk.

…” Though the Archaeological Evidences do not unambiguously attest these facts, there is little doubt that a series of events leading to the destruction of Buddhist Structures occurred during this man’s reign 

Nor can  we Forget  Raghoji I Bhonsle

One of the least famous among the list, Raghoji was the leader of Marathas from the 1740s to 1753. This man is quite unique among the list.

Marathas under Raghoji, launched continuous campaigns into Eastern India with the sole purpose of plunder and pillage of the towns and villages. In 10 years, apart from causing a huge property loss, thousands of ordinary village and town folks were killed nonchalantly. Raghoji was a typical Opportunist as ruthless and he saw in the troubles of other states an opening for his own ambition and did not even require a pretext for plunder and invasion. Twice his armies invaded Bengal, and he obtained the cession of CuttackChandaChhattisgarh, and Sambalpur were added to his dominions between 1745 and 1755,

These continuous expeditions made a vicious impression in the minds of Bengalis later in history and were called Bargi.

 It is not the religion that makes a man brutal it the make a king a butcher, Taj was an Integral part of India and will be an Integral part of India and will be an Integral part of India .There is one need and that is to sensualize these people about the actual history of India . .There is one need and that is to sensualize these people about the actual history of India . .There is one need and that is to sensualize these people about the actual history of India . .


Economy at a stand still?

“I shall be failing in my national duty if I did not speak up even now against the mess the finance minister has made of the economy,”- Yashwant Sinha

A prolonged debate that has been going on about the slowing down of the economy and fall in GDP which was brutally ignored by the government in power stating that GDP has gone down due to technical reasons but what needs to be taken into consideration is the reluctant attitude of the government , which time and again stated that there’s nothing wrong with the increasing fuel prices and decreasing minimum selling price of the crops.

What was taken as the tentative result out of the Demonetisation regime needs to be relooked at

  1. Black Money
  2. Stone pelting
  3. Terrorism

Black money – The statistics by Reserve bank of India state that only 1% money was not deposited back, rest all was deposited was the demonetisation for that 1%? The bigger point to be talked about is the statistics which say that more than the double amount of currency deposited has been used to print new notes, Wher is the black money Jumla?

Stone Pelting –   Stone pelting and the issue of shutdowns still prevail, 104 days shutdown is Darjeeling has just ended but on the other hand, Kashmir is still burning now and then with cross-border firing not taking a break and we are still talking about the success of demonetisation. While a question that needs to be answered is why did Jio come in just before the demonetisation? Why was paytm used as an official app for a short span?

Terrorism  The third point that was raised while discontinuing the old notes was that it would curb terrorism but the story seems to take a wrong turn with infiltrations increasing and the number of casualties going higher.

What was being questioned the opposition till now has  been admitted and voiced by a member of the ruling party itself Mr Sinha said (as reported by the media)

Demonetisation proved to be an “unmitigated economic disaster” and that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was a “badly conceived and poorly implemented” havoc. Yashwant Sinha who was once the finance minister had led a scorching attack on his party and the Finance minister which gives a substance idea about the discomfort about the economic policies even within the BJP.

Figures of the first quarter fiscal report show that the GDP is falling by 5.7% which is the sad reality which has been brought in by the most intelligent minister as presumed by the BJP. Time and again Mr Prime Minister has said that he has seen poverty butHis finance minister is working over-time to make sure that all Indians also see it from equally close quarters what is actually threatening and mind woggling is the rate at which the GDP is going down and the fuel is going higher.

Preach what you say, BJP which once said that CBI was congress bureau of Investigation is now itself using it as a tool to threaten people the raid raj is growing at a high rate with nothing improving and industry getting to a standstill.

Well, i might be termed as an antinational after this article but I won’t refrain from stating the fact.


Rohingyas a class of clash, misery and pain

The Rohingya people (/ˈroʊɪŋjə/, or /ˈroʊhɪŋjə/; historically also termed Arakanese Indians) are a stateless Indo-Aryan people from Rakhine State, Myanmar. There were an estimated 1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar before the 2016–17 crisis. The majority are Muslim while a minority are Hindu.

With the on-going crisis in which children are being slaughtered like chickens and men and women are going through atrocities, a report is going all over the media channels that Rohingiyas are terrorist a few may have indulged in terror like activities but that does not make the whole community a terrorist, even Hindus had someone like Godse and Pragya, Malegaon, Ajmer Sharif all these attacks were carried out by alleged Hindus does that make the whole community terrorist, No. It is not just a humanitarian crisis moreover it is a war against humanity. Why shall we deport people at a time when they are being slaughtered like animals? Do we have some humanitarian responsibility or not with anchors on news channels giving dramatic examples I want to question them asking do they want to repeat a massacre like Syria, Germany, or the genocide which was committed during the partition of Indian and Pakistan, this is not a cultural war this is the war of a radical fundamentalist who wants a wannabe pure society . Yes even they are human being and they deserve a place to stay the international community should hold hands together and find a solution to this issue