Kartar Singh Sarabha – The Freedom fighter who was Hanged at the age of 19

Kartar Singh Sarabha (24 May1896 – 16 November1915) began his involvement in the Gadar Party in San Francisco in 1912. Sarabha was born in India in the year 1896. After his graduation from high school in 1911, he arrived at the University of California, Berkeley to continue his studies in engineering.

In Berkeley, he joined the Gadar party in 1913. Around this time, he also learned how to fly. He returned to India in 1914 to fight for his country’s independence. On November 16th, 1915, Sarabha was hanged at the tender age of 19.

With the start of World War I in 1914, the British became thoroughly engrossed in the war effort. Thinking it to be a good opportunity, the leaders of the Ghadar Party published the “Decision of Declaration of War” against the British in an issue of The Ghadar dated August 5, 1914. Thousands of copies of the paper were distributed among army cantonments, villages and cities. Kartar Singh reached Calcutta via Colombo on board the SS Salamin, in November, 1914. He was accompanied by two other Gadhar leaders, Satyen Sen and Vishnu Ganesh Pingle, along with a large number of Gadhar militants. With a letter of introduction from Jatin Mukherjee, the Jugantar leader, Kartar Singh and Pingle met Rasbehari Bose at Benares to inform him that twenty thousand more Gadhar members were expected very soon [1]. A large number of leaders of the Ghadar Party were arrested by the Government at the ports. In spite of these arrests, a meeting was held by members of the Ghadar Party at Ladhouwal near Ludhiana in which it was decided to rob the houses of rich people, to finance the armed insurrection. Two Ghadris, Waryam Singh and Bhai Ram Rakha were killed in a bomb blast in one such raid.

After the arrival of Rash Behari Bose at Amritsar on January 25, 1915, it was decided in a meeting on February 12 that the uprising should be started on February 21. It was planned that after capturing the cantonments of Mian Mir and Ferozepur, mutinies were to be engineered near Ambala and Delhi.

The judgement in respect of the 63 arrested Gadharites was pronounced on September 13, 1915, at the Central Jail, Lahore. In this first conspiracy case of 1914–15, 24 Gadarites were sentenced to death. Kartar Singh was one of them.

The court observed that Kartar Singh was the most dangerous of all the rebels. “He is very proud of the crimes he committed. He does not deserve mercy and should be sentenced to death”. Kartar Singh was hanged in the Central Jail of Lahore on November 161915, when he was only 18.

He soon became the symbol of martyrdom and many were influenced from his bravery and sacrifice. Bhagat Singh, another great revolutionary of Indian freedom, regarded Kartar Singh as his guru, friend and brother. The judges during his trial were impressed by his intellectual skills, but nonetheless he was sentenced to death by hanging. He wrote a popular song which he would sing and it is said that he died singing it:”Sewa desh di jinddhiye badhi aukhigallan karnia dher sukhalliyan ne,jinha desh sewa ‘ch pair payaohna lakh museebtan jhalliyan ne.”Serving ones country is very difficultIt is so easy to talkAnyone who walked on that pathMust endure millions of calamities.

A statue of Kartar Singh Sarabha was erected in Ludhiana, and the Punjabi novelist Bhai Nanak Singh wrote a novel called Ikk Mian Do Talwaran based on his life.


The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2019 three days after it was introduced. It seeks to amend the landmark transparency law and bring in changes involving the salaries and tenures of Information Commissioners (ICs) at the States and Centre. A critical piece of legislation that seeks to amend the landmark transparency law, Right to Information (RTI), was passed by the Lok Sabha on Monday amid strong protests by all key Opposition parties. To become a law, the bill will now need the approval of the Rajya Sabha, where the government is in a minority.
The Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2019, passed with a voice vote in the Lower House, seeks to empower the central government on deciding the terms of chief information commissioners and information commissioners at both the central and state levels, as well as have a say on the salaries, allowances and other terms and conditions of service. Several members of Opposition had called for a division of votes when consideration and passage of the bill was sought. It was defeated by 218-79 votes. Some members of Opposition also staged a walkout.
“From the beginning of its first term in 2014, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has brought transparency in governance for greater public participation,” Jitendra Singh, Union minister of state for personnel, public grievances and pensions, told the House while defending the Bill.
“There is a provision that suo-motu you should provide maximum information in public domain so that the number and the need for RTIs reduces. In five years, we have made changes so that things are uploaded faster on websites,” he said, adding that the amendments will streamline functioning and remove anomalies.

But Opposition members accused the Union government of seeking to weaken the law by gaining more control over the working of the information commissions. Several members unsuccessfully demanded that the bill be withdrawn and referred to a parliamentary committee for scrutiny.
The Congress’ Karti Chidambaram said the government should not use its “303 to massacre the spirit” of the Act, referring to the strength of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham’s (DMK’s) A. Raja said if the proposed amendments were voted through, information commissioners will become the “house maid” of the government.
“This is a deliberate attempt to weaken the RTI Act…The government can hire and fire information commissioners as they like, pay them as they chose and it will affect institutional integrity. This is the reason why, when it was introduced, I had said that this is not an RTI amendment bill but an RTI elimination bill,” senior Congress leader and former Union minister Shashi Tharoor told the House.

The protests in the Lok Sabha spilled over to the streets with the New Delhi-based National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information (NCPRI) holding a protest demonstration that was attended by transparency activists, opposition leaders and the common people.
“The proposed amendments are aimed at undermining the independence of information commissions, thereby diluting India’s strongest and most widely used law for transparency,” an NCPRI press release said on Monday.

The the Right to information act which can also be called as the pillar of modern democracy has been tempred with

kai vari sochda haan

kai vari sochda haan
kai vari sochda haa ,kisde khyala vich rehna aa,kadi kadi te lafaz vich vi beyan karda han,tenu mai mandir masiti labda han,tu nazane kedi ramaz hai jo mili nahi ,nazre karam hongay kad mera jad tu labjaweingi
kai vari sochda haan,kisde khyala vich rehna aa,usnu gurbani vich labdan hai , kaide namazain vich lagda oh vasda hai,mantar vich japda haan usnu labda haan,
kai vari sochda haan,kisde khyala vich rehna aaGovind Bali 14-june-2019

Alarming rate at Which Indian Air force Planes are crashing – we want safe equipment for our solders.

As the reports and reading of the economic times the Indian air force has lost around 10 aircraft’s.

The Indian Air Force has lost nearly 10 aircraft this year, the latest being an AN-32, whose wreckage was spotted on Tuesday in a heavily- forested mountainous terrain in Arunachal Pradesh, eight days after it went missing after taking off from Assam’s Jorhat. 

From Mirage 2000 to MiG-27, many of these aircraft had crashed in the month of February, officials said. 


Whats alarming is the rate at which the defense budget is being played with and the safety and security of the men in uniform is being compromised.the table below shows the number of aircraft that have been lost from 2014-2018 the confinement of the forces to outdated machinery and and weapons seems to be stand still to the life of brave hearts these accidents are not limited to the airforce we have seen various fire outbreaks even the naval vessels of the Indian navy and many casualties have taken place in the Indian army due to faulty weapons.

YearNo. of aircraft accidents
2017-18(upto 04.03.2018)05

BBC called the Indian flying machines , Flying Coffins in the same report the BBC stated

But it is the Russian-made aircraft that form the backbone of the Indian fleet which have been the most accident-prone. The MiG jet in particular has become known as the “flying coffin” or the “widow maker”.

Two years ago, India’s then defence minister told an astonished parliament that more than half the 872 MiGs it had purchased from Russia had been lost in accidents, at a cost of over 200 lives.

Apparently, pilots regularly complain that some MiG models land too fast and that the design of the window canopy means they can’t see the runway properly.

With these situations aren’t the lives of our pilots at stake ? why is the government being so silent about the accidents and why has the number of raffels that had to be bought brought down.

Jo tu puche Ishq kya hai

Jo tu puche Ishq kya hai ,Mai tera naam ledunJo tu puche dharm o iman kya hai,Mai tera naam ledunJo tu puche jaan e jahan kon hai mai tera naam ledunKal behas pada tha chand mujhse ,Chandani ko tujhse khubsurat batla raha tha maine bhi tera hasta cehra dikha diya chand amawas ki Raat hogaya najane sharma ke kahan kho gayaBhawaron se pucha phoolon ne ,Kiski mehak tumhe dur le jati hai unhone bhi tera naam lediya©Govind BaliRiderboy 13/6/2019

Jo tu puche Ishq kya hai

Jo tu puche Ishq kya hai ,Mai tera naam ledunJo tu puche dharm o iman kya hai,Mai tera naam ledunJo tu puche jaan e jahan kon hai mai tera naam ledunKal behas pada tha chand mujhse ,Chandani ko tujhse khubsurat batla raha tha maine bhi tera hasta cehra dikha diya chand amawas ki Raat hogaya najane sharma ke kahan kho gayaBhawaron se pucha phoolon ne ,Kiski mehak tumhe dur le jati hai unhone bhi tera naam lediya©Govind BaliRiderboy 13/6/2019

From Divider in chief to Prime Minister.

Time magazine, which published a cover story before the Indian election calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi the “Divider in Chief”, has in a quick about-face run report with a headline, “Modi Has United India Like No Prime Minister in Decades”

the quint

With changing times the political scenario in India has taken another turn where pseudo nationalism has taken the high ground . Issues like education, employment, literacy, family security , farmer rights have been hijacked by war hysteria and political sabotage of religion.

Every day minorities are being suppressed and abused and the so called majoritarian government is silent about the issues ,social justice and social security are least thought of and man worship has become the talk of the hour, terror accused are becoming MP’s with more the 48% people elected having criminal records.

It seems cynical how the government in is blaming Nehru for all that they have failed to do , well least we forget that green revolution was by the Nehru regime, mocking and stooping down to really low standards is the new face of politics in India .

Though Mr Rahul Gandhi has been trolled for losing the elections , in my personal opinion he has emerged as a very mature and sensitive leaders whom having firm belief in love and respect. Yes we are losing the core values of the constitution with the passing days.

A strong opposition is important for a good democracy and it is time that oppositions reform themselves and come together to keep a check on the policies being formulated by the government and as citizens we should be sensitive towards propagandize and try and focus on real issues like unemployment which is all time high , the reduced budget of deffence politicization of the armed forces and increased hate crime in God’s own country

Ayodhya Mobilisation, another Riot awaiting?

They Do not respect the Supreme court-Akhilesh Yadav

Destroy the Jama Masjid at Delhi, If idols not found hang me – Sakshi maharaj BJP MP 

where are we heading too? as 2019 is approaching so are the ways intensifying of the right-wing extremist. But is it actually politically beneficial for them well, 2002 they did something similar and lost the elections?

Well it has become an everyday trend to shout slogans like JAI SHREE RAM and polarizing the people, while development is long gone from the agenda and all that is left on the manifesto is face-savers and  jumlas, with partial censorship of the media(most media channels being bought by BJP) it seems that we are living in a dilemma where all that we are left with is cast and religion based politics.

Ram mandir if constructed will leave the BJP like an Orphan with no political agenda left at all, Ram Mandir has been their primary objective and  they have been successful in playing with peoples emotions and converting them into big vote banks, but will that card play any longer

I personally feel that Ram Mandir is turning into a negative campaign and will turn out to be negative for the BJP

From Ram temple to Ram Diwali

It seems to be an ordinary course of action from past 4 and a half years when the News Anchors cry the deepest of snarl shouting Hindu Muslim hate divides, well it seems the utmost end of the hate politics has come to its peak as 2019 elections are approaching with cities name being changed and development on vanvas it seems the pseudo politicians are all over again trying to destroy secular fabric of the nation.

Well the highest court of the country says that the nation has other matters of national importance other than the Ram temple but for the BJP Government temple is the utmost importance to improve the economy of the nation, with Mr yogi wanting to make a statue of lord ram it seems India will soon be known as the statue land rather than the country of divine cultures and religions.

I personally feel that the temple should be constructed as soon as possible so that political mileage related to is gone once and forever, we would at least have substantial issues like Education, employment and environmental protection as the mandate and part of the election campaign. it won’t be ram Diwali if we kill on the name of the religion.

The matter of concern at large is that we shall unite for a better world a better place to live in with our governments responsible for substantial issues.


the attack on farmers is fascist

The fascist movement which has been going on since 2014 is something which cannot be ignored, it shall further be taken into consideration if BJP comes back in power we might not even have a democracy.

An agrarian economy of our repute needs to respect its farmers, farmers who have been demanding some basic rights have been treated as hooligans  by the government in power we shall be ashamed of such government and should protect the ailing farmers, with tear gas shells being poured on farmers lathi charge and water cannons welcoming the farmers on international non violence day , is nothing but a pictorial representation of undeclared emergency,in which if you dare to ask for your rights you will be ill-treated, if you question  the government you will be framed antinational.

farmers have demanded some basic rights and nothing a really high order an MSP which is practical and not just on paper, an abolition of certain tradition but for the goverment, it seems to be a threat. Is this the same nation? where JAI JAWAN JAI KISSAN was chanted? is this the same nation which took an economic boom due to the green revolution.

jai Hind