Ayodhya Mobilisation, another Riot awaiting?

They Do not respect the Supreme court-Akhilesh Yadav

Destroy the Jama Masjid at Delhi, If idols not found hang me – Sakshi maharaj BJP MP 

where are we heading too? as 2019 is approaching so are the ways intensifying of the right-wing extremist. But is it actually politically beneficial for them well, 2002 they did something similar and lost the elections?

Well it has become an everyday trend to shout slogans like JAI SHREE RAM and polarizing the people, while development is long gone from the agenda and all that is left on the manifesto is face-savers and  jumlas, with partial censorship of the media(most media channels being bought by BJP) it seems that we are living in a dilemma where all that we are left with is cast and religion based politics.

Ram mandir if constructed will leave the BJP like an Orphan with no political agenda left at all, Ram Mandir has been their primary objective and  they have been successful in playing with peoples emotions and converting them into big vote banks, but will that card play any longer

I personally feel that Ram Mandir is turning into a negative campaign and will turn out to be negative for the BJP

From Ram temple to Ram Diwali

It seems to be an ordinary course of action from past 4 and a half years when the News Anchors cry the deepest of snarl shouting Hindu Muslim hate divides, well it seems the utmost end of the hate politics has come to its peak as 2019 elections are approaching with cities name being changed and development on vanvas it seems the pseudo politicians are all over again trying to destroy secular fabric of the nation.

Well the highest court of the country says that the nation has other matters of national importance other than the Ram temple but for the BJP Government temple is the utmost importance to improve the economy of the nation, with Mr yogi wanting to make a statue of lord ram it seems India will soon be known as the statue land rather than the country of divine cultures and religions.

I personally feel that the temple should be constructed as soon as possible so that political mileage related to is gone once and forever, we would at least have substantial issues like Education, employment and environmental protection as the mandate and part of the election campaign. it won’t be ram Diwali if we kill on the name of the religion.

The matter of concern at large is that we shall unite for a better world a better place to live in with our governments responsible for substantial issues.


the attack on farmers is fascist

The fascist movement which has been going on since 2014 is something which cannot be ignored, it shall further be taken into consideration if BJP comes back in power we might not even have a democracy.

An agrarian economy of our repute needs to respect its farmers, farmers who have been demanding some basic rights have been treated as hooligans  by the government in power we shall be ashamed of such government and should protect the ailing farmers, with tear gas shells being poured on farmers lathi charge and water cannons welcoming the farmers on international non violence day , is nothing but a pictorial representation of undeclared emergency,in which if you dare to ask for your rights you will be ill-treated, if you question  the government you will be framed antinational.

farmers have demanded some basic rights and nothing a really high order an MSP which is practical and not just on paper, an abolition of certain tradition but for the goverment, it seems to be a threat. Is this the same nation? where JAI JAWAN JAI KISSAN was chanted? is this the same nation which took an economic boom due to the green revolution.

jai Hind


Mandir masjid ke ladai mei manushya margaya

Mandir masjid ki ladai mein manushya margaya,

Kahin hindu musalman ke maan mein toh kahin musalman hindu ke maan mein dar kar gaya

Puchi na thi jat kabhi lahoo ki kisni ne ,

Panchi khushkismat hain jo kabhi mandir se toh kabhi masjid se paani pe ate hain , hum insaan toh ek imarat ke peeche jana gawate hai ,

Mandir masjid chor chalo school padhate hain , hum sab ko manavta sikhate hain ,

Woh kahgaya ek sahyar ki khoon baha hindu ka alah sahrminda tha , jab musalman mara toh ram kahan zinda tha ,

Yeh mazhab kursi ka khel hai , iss khel mei bas khoon behta hai aur khoonki mantri banjata hai 2002 ajj bhi zinda hai 1947 ajj bhi zinda hai 1984 ajj bhi zinda hai ,

Hindustan is hindu muslim ladai pe sharminda hai

© Govind Bali

BJP-PDP breakup not what you see it as.

PDP was discriminating towards Jammu – Amit Shah,BJP
What Came as a shock to the general public was conceived by many as a well-planned strategy of the central leadership of BJP. What needs to be taken into consideration is that nothing done in politics is without as reason whether patch-up or Breakups. What was considered to be a great alliance by the BJP at one time has now been ridiculed to its limits. 

It was not the discrimination factor that leads to the breakup it was rather the insecurity of  deteriorating conditions in the valley after an attack in the heart of Jammu kunjwan the goverenment was shaken. Well the much celebrated surgical strike went in an opposing direction with the number of attacks and casulaties taken a rise. While the another big announcement that was demonatisation after which the center claimed that the stone pelting and insurgency had reduced was again just a verbal claim.

The barbaric killings of Individuals and the attacks on armed forces were not being contained and there was a threat that it may lead a worse sititauion. As far as i have read about the issue of kashmir and obsereved I personally feel that the face of militancy is changing as i had written before. What needs to considered is that the Problem is now not limited to the LeT or Hizbul the problem has spread to the school going students the college graducates the college drops and each one of them call himself a hizbul or Let comander, I personally feel the bilateral seafire that was initiated was a political stunt to get some soft corner in the heart of the Sepratist and the extremist and was more of vote bank stunt a similar incident had even taken place in the Atal Biharis time. But this time the seasfire went utterly wrong with the killing of a renouned and independent voice of Sujat Bukhari the editor of a kashmir daily.It was not the first of its kind murder of a journalist but what is shameful is the statement of Mr Lal Singh of BJP who went out to say that the Journos should draw a else they would meet the same fait as that of Bukhari.

Another barbaric act was the aduction and killing of Aurangzeb which leada nation wide outrage and that to a day before Eid but yes it opened the eyes of Majority of Indians who thought muslims in valley were anti India. Statements of Aurganzeb’s father were heart touching. one of the major cause of breakup is these two killings and the decling spport in the jammu region where the wanted to regain the high ground by statting that they broke up because PDP was not letting them work ,I feel they have saved themseleves from a huge embarssement because the conditions on the valley are really very bad.


The Majestic building To be demolished Soon. Save Army Public School Mhow.

The building  in which the Army Public School Mhow is currently running has a history of its own, while the the historical building of  MH Mhow was destroyed it seems the Army school is next . It seems to be an ill faith as for the world the development in taking place but for the books of history a standing legend is falling down.

This building was constructed as a Military Hospital at MHOW (Madhya Pradesh) in 1866, under the British Army. In 1953, it was appropriated as the All Arms Wing of the Army Signal Training School. It later housed the Headquarters of the Army Training Command (HQ ARTRAC) from 1991 to 1994. When ARTRAC moved to Shimla, the Army School at Mhow (now Army Public School)  was then housed in this magnificent heritage building, since 1994, and still functions from there, till date. The Army has decided to demolish this heritage structure, on the grounds that its general maintenance is too expensive to sustain. However, as a structure, it has stood the test of time since the last 152 years and will certainly remain structurally strong for at least another century, if not more. It was declared a heritage structure several years ago, but has come up for demolition in the near future. In fact, over the years, crores of Rupees have been spent, in order to keep the building in its pristine glory. Its hard to imagine why the order for its its demolition came up at all. Interestingly, at the main gate entrance to the school, a large hoarding proudly displayed the historical significance and the ‘heritage tag’ of the School building. The hoarding was recently removed, indicating that the end of this heritage building was near. It seems that the pockets of contractors are much more important then the cultural and historical heritage we request that the building be repaired  instead of being demolished.

The world within

The World Within By Riderboy
The World We Live In Is A Mystery Of Misers And Happiness, These Words That I Am Writing May Affect Some Deeply While For Some It Might Be A Waste Of Time.
What Do We Live For? Why Do We Work? What Is The Right Place For Us? Are We Doing Justice To Our Dreams? Some Common Questions With Much Common Answers But Are We Able To Analyse What The Answers To These Questions Are Well The Irony Is The Answers Lie Within Us YES They Lie Within Us.
I Asked A Young Boy Who Was Choosing His Stream In Class 11th I Asked What Is Your Dream? Should I Be Having One He Replied? What Do You Want See Yourself As In The Upcoming Years? Never Thought Of It He Replied .Just An Example Of More Than Have The Clueless Youth Of India While Choosing Their Carrier Plans . What? When? And Why? Common Words Which Matter A Lot Say I Want To Be A Physician .What Actually Is A Physician? Why Should I Be A Physician? When And How Will I Become A Physician ? Is It Actually What I Want To Be Do These Questions Strike Your Mind Or They Don’t?
Are We Mere Puppets Governed By The Words Of The World Around Or Are We Someone With An Individual Soul? Are All Paths Bad Just Because The World Thinks They Are Not The Right Paths To Choose? Why Follow The Much Followed Paths Why Not Create New One?
Would You Like To Lead A Life That The World Wants You To Lead Or A Life You Rejoice A Lifestyle You Want
Don’t Be Puppets Create Paths Don’t Follow the old ones

An atheist poem

God of these men and women if you live,
Tell them not to believe in mere stones
Oh god of these men and women
If you are there don’t tell them that you have all the solutions,
These men and women stop looking for them,
Oh god of these men and women tell them
You are there to show paths not to make them,
These dumb men and women have left everything to mere illusions
Oh god of these men and women tell them
You are not the maker of their destiny they are the saviours
Of their today and creators of there tomorrow
I am an atheist they say, because my god lies in my values
Not in church temples and mosque,
And because i believe in making my own paths
They say you can do wonders but what were they born for then
Oh god of these men and women answer me
What are they made for?
You live in those old books they say,
But i see inhuman activities ever minute,
Oh god of these men and women if you live,
Teach them humanity and self reliance,
Don’t make them cowards by your old myths,
And powers you display those books of yours say

The unknown thief

The thief was unknown ,not know to me not know to anyone

The thief took smiles away and gave tears ,

The thief was unknown , the Youngest of all was it? The oldest of all was it ?

Don’t know the thief was unknown , he took my smiles gave me sorrows and I gave his befitting replies and made him cry still the thief was unknown .

April 15 2018

R & R Hospital Medical ward Room Number 2