Trending Uniforms? Or men in disguise

I had been waiting for more videos to come and something similar happened BSF, CISF and few more videos have been floated over the social media some stating bad quality of food while others talking of the partiality between Indian armed forces and the Para-military forces.  Before I go further I would like to tell you the difference between Armed Forces and the Para Military forces, The armed forces consist of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce which are mentioned as the Armed forces in the constitution of India. Other than them any territorial force is the police force which may or may not be equipped as the army. Now there is another difference that the Armed forces are part of the ministry of defense whereas Para-military forces are part of the ministry of home affairs.

There is a division of work in the armed forces which is known a trade and there 2 type of arms the fighting arms and the support arms. Which to some extent is missing in the paramilitary forces? As they have the unit wise purchase of ration and they do not have their own hospitals. The main issue being is the food quality really bad? I doubt if it would have been so bad then the issue would have been raised long back if the quality was so bad the soldier should have filed a written complaint. Now why should an action be taken on the jawan who made the video? Not because he raised his voice but for the basic principle of the military code of conduct which clearly states that no one should share a photo/video on social media wearing his /her uniform and revealing identity of being a soldier which might become an aid for the alien nations to gain intelligence inputs.

Strong action should be taken if the food quality is bad and yes there a case in which ration is sold at the lower level to have some extra pocket money whereas sometimes the contracts do not provide the quality of ration that was presented in the tender. Another issue that was raised was that of pension and medical facilities and soldiers of paramilitary forces being considered as saheed I strongly feel that a person giving his life for the country should be considered as a martyr and medical facilities should be provided to them.

Why should we discourage such videos?

We need to discourage such videos because these may harm the basic structure of the army itself as for everything there a procedure and tomorrow a person who has committed a mistake may go on air and say it was not his fault and so on, while the army as an institution of integrity will never indulge in loose talks which might give some emotional support by people  to the so-called video which would be stating one-sided accounts.

Armed forces and the paramilitary forces have their own style of working let us not poke our nose into their working style and question their integrity while we have only one-sided accounts. And I request all the soldiers to file statutory complaints if there is a problem rather than making a propaganda.

The responsible authorities should also get conscious about their work and keep a check on quality of food, to provide accommodation etc which they for providing to the forces as they are under the check of smart phones which may present there mistakes infront of millions of virtual eye balls .



RSS Declared Unlawful 4 February 1948 As Per Text of Government of India’s communique’


RSS Declared Unlawful

Text of Government of India’s communiqué


In the resolution of 4 February 1948, the Government of India declared their determination to root out the forces of hatred and violence that are at work in our country and imperil the freedom of the nation and darken her fair name. In the pursuance of this policy, the Government of India has decided to declare unlawful the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the chief commissioner’s provinces. Similar action is also being taken in the Governor’s provinces.

As democratic governments , the Government of India and the provincial governments have always been anxious to allow reasonable scope of genuine political, social and economic activities to all parties and organisations including those whose policies and purpose differ from , or even run counter to their own , subject to the consideration that such activities should not transgress certain commonly recognised limits of propriety and law . The professed aims and objects of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh are to promote the physical training and education in military matters to the youth of the country. The government has, however, noticed with regret that in practice members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have not adhered to their professed ideals.

Undesirable and even dangerous activities have been carried out by members of the Sangh. It has been found that individual members of  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have indulged in acts of violence involving arson  ,robbery, dacoity (which are punishable in the preparation stage itself according to the Indian Penal code) and murder and have collected illicit arms and ammunition. They have been found circulating leaflets exhorting people to resort to terrorist methods, to collect firearms, to create disaffection against the government and suborn the police and military. These activities have been carried out under the cloak of secrecy, and the government has considered from time to time how these activities rendered it incumbent upon them to deal with the Sangh in its corporate capacity. The last occasion when the government defined this attitude was when the Premises and home ministers of provinces met in Delhi towards the end of November.

It was then unanimously agreed that the stage when the Sangh should be dealt with as an association had not yet arrived and that individuals should continue to be dealt with sternly as hitherto. The objectionable and harmful activities of the Sangh have, however, continued unabated and the cult of violence sponsored and inspired by the activities of the Sangh has claimed many victims. The latest and most precious to fall was Gandhi Ji himself.

In these circumstances, it is the bounden duty of the government to take effective measures to curb this re-appearance of violence in a virulent form and as the first step to this end, they have decided to declare the Sangh as an unlawful association. The government has no doubt that in taking this measure they have the support of all the law abiding citizens, of all those who have the welfare of the country at heart.







Talking Toms and Growling Pups


This is another ear into politics, left right and center have end up between facts dramatics and vocals.In specific, I am talking about how a prime minister has become dramatics expert and how a well-trolled man is struggling to get into the mainstream politics and trying to upload the legacy and the political regime of his family.

With parliament disfunctional almost for the present session and the talking tom not answering the questions of the opposition and goes on to say that I  am not allowed to speak in the parliament so I am speaking on the road side.The other own a new pup who is learning how to growl is making rhetorical statements trying to be poetic from scripted paper pads. Indian politics has become a drama with a great orator and a stage actor everything is trying to be linked to Nationalism whereas nationalism has started to become more of hero worship, The dramatic on stage which self-proclaims himself of being a protection shield for the every single countryman and not dealing with the actual issues not addressing the issue of counterfeit notes , corruption , black gold , unemployment. Well, I am no one to say but “Garajne wale badal baraste nahi”. With tricolour being tried to be saffron in occasions of laying the foundation stone of big statues which hold only cosmetic value.

A CHARISMATIC LEADER is pulling India to towards a dead end another nazi regime in making maybe. The world drawback to a true democracy is a weak opposition that is what i call the growling pup with regional parties not coming together and funny speeches being delivered from both the sides i don’t know the future of Indian Politics


Koi ho na ho

Koi Ho ya na Ho Mai Tera sath khada hoon tu yeh baat yaad rakhna
Alfazon Mein kar raha hoon yeh baat bayan yaad rakhna
Rahunga jahan bhi humhesha dunga sath tu yaad rakhna
Mai koi bada admin nahi tu bas is farkir ko yaad rakhna
Haar rooz Jo hota hai usse ghabrana mat tu bali Ki ek baat yaad rakhna toofano se mat darna hoonsla rakhna khud paar toofan bhi ghabrayein gaya tu yaad rakhna
Koi Ho na Ho Mai hoon Tera sath tu yaad rakhna
Ansoon yun na bahana kabhi yeh toh moti hain
Mat ghabhrana tu kabhi ,tu khud Mein hi bht kabil cheez hai
Badhte rahna tu bus aggi Ki aur
Zamana peeche khada Ho tumhe dekha Ga
Tum Chuna asmaano ko tumhe tookne wala zamana tumhari tareef karega
Jab koi na hoga Tera sath mat ghabhrana Mai Tera sath khada hoon

Democracy paar kavita

Waqt ke numandey na jane Kahan gum hogaya,
Woh eithish ke panne na jane Kahan gum hogaya,
Ek samay tha jab waqt eithish bayan karta tha,
Najane woh ethihas kar Kahan gum ho gaya,
Jo Sach hai woh hai nahi ,Jo hai nahi Sach hai woh
Magar samjhne wale jane Kahan gum hogaya
-riderboy 4/12/16

Tujhe jana toh cahta Hoon magar hidayta bht hain,yun janata Hoon toh ki looktantra hai magar tujhse sawal puchne ki unkahin manyahte bhaut hai,majak bangaya hai Jan andolna Teri police ke dando ke Nissan bht hain,

Mana looktantra magar hidaytein bht hai,woh puchne lage ki Bali darta kyun nahi , Bali bol padta kya karun kranti ka Pujari azadi dulhan hai yun hidaytein lagri thi angreezi sashan mein bhi bht magar ajj bhi Bhagat Singh bht hai,

Loktantra toh magar hidaytein bht hain ,tujhe sawal karne paar unkahin mannhaytein bht hai,yun na Kara kar manch paar Chad awaz dekar mana Teri fakiri ameeron se hai ,magar meri kranti ki agh bhi kaam nahi .

-Riderboy 4/12/16 11:29 PM


The Currency demotion-Chaiwala, sabziwala and Panwadi what will happen to them

A great step indeed to give a surprise about scrapping the currency note of Rs.500 and Rs 1000, maybe it would have brought a storm for the hawala and the Dallas.What I want to talk about is those small piggy banks that have around 10000 bucks, I want to bring to your notice those housemaids and sabzi wala who had saved all those currency notes for a long period of time , well i agree it is indeed a great step but what was the hassle of discontinuing the currency in 3 hours? Would it have made any difference if 30 days would have been given to utilizing the money ? Well, many of you must be wondering that black could have been converted into a white well that would not have been possible because no one would have stocked a currency which will be null and void in 30 days.

Government hospitals, bus stations , gas station will accept the notes well certainly not, telling you with practical experience they are saying buy what you want for the entire amount, people are taking 1000 rupees and changing them into 100’s by taking 200 bucks extra that is you get 800 in exchange of a thousand another chamber for accumulating black cash. Not everyone in this nation has a bank account, where would the donations in the temple go ? I asked a rickshaw driver about this sudden change he said “Bhaiya parson beti ki Shaddai hai paisa kahan se laun Pata Nahi “.

Yes, this is a no way out the situation for people holding black money, I heard rumors that these new notes will be having microchips which will be tracking the hoarding of money but for that, we need a large database, I personally do not think that would be available within a month. Furthermore, this might be a reason to sideline the ongoing issues like cross-border firing , Miss Najeeb , growing rates of petroleum.
In my opinion, the dates for returning the currency will be extended again before the final lap of the Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections. This was bold step by the Government of India and it was earlier done in 1978 by Late Prime minister  Morarji Desai after that in the Period of Dr. Manmohan Singh .

Inflation will be on  a rise and the situation of the economy may get bad, I hope PMO takes the poor rikshaw wala , chaiwallah , sabzi walla into consideration , Who have saved most of their earning in cash. And all the best to those who are getting married on the weekend Khali lifafe anne wale hain.

Views expressed are personal.

Govind Bali




Meri Mauth Paar Rone Walo.

Meri mauth paar rone walo,
yaara hans kar vida kardo,
zindagi bitadi khushiyan bantne mein,
tum ansoon se vida kar rahe ho,

Meri mauth paar rone walo,
yaara hans kar vida kardo,
aur gadhiyali ansson bahane walo
mujhse tum kya lejao gay,
jab tha zinda mai tab toh ,
dukh mein bhi sath nibhane aya na ,
abb kyun ansoon baha rahe ho,
Meri jayadat mein ek kalam hai jiski
nookh tut cukhi aur sahi ansoon wali sukh chuki hai,
Kuch koore panne baki hain jin pe kuch likha nahi,

Meri mauth paar rone walo,
yaara hans kar vida kardo,
Padhlo woh kavitayan jo khushiyan baatein hain,
un panno ko amar kardo jinhe ansoon se rangeen kiya hai,
ansoon se khusyion ko panno pe pirota tha mai,
meri mauth paar rone walo,yara hans kar vida kardo



Uri: Army personnel stand near the dead bodies of militants who attacked Mohura army camp, in Uri on Saturday. PTI Photo(PTI12_6_2014_000052B)

Uri when diplomacy is not the solution

The Uri attack has reminded me of 2002 kalua Chak attack when Indian Army had lost 31 Brave soldiers. Yes it is high time that we shall attack firm and the iron fist shall now come out , there is no reason as to why we should not send a clear message to the world at large that we won’t tolerate  any attacks on our territory, media will soon be flooded with flaws in the internal structure of the army and the reasons as to why QRT was faster.

But no one would realise that terrorist does not give a phone call before striking , Sure there were intelligence inputs they come on the regular basis every day around 20 of them but how many of them are accurate? Getting to the core issue it is high time now that we shall stop cutting birthday cakes with Pakistan and strike head on with tactical and Some diplomatic measure as it is clear from the series of past events that diplomacy has clearly failed with more than 8 terror strikes in a single month, with high economic inflows from different segments to distort law and order in Kashmir valley , there is a camouflage by increased terror attacks on the LOC .

What took place in Poonch and now in Uri is part of a pseudo-war that our ugly counterparts have been fighting since ages, with Nawaz Sharif heading for UNGA with Kashmir as an agenda on the top , we need to isolate Pakistan for Clearly in the SAARC and other International Forums and yes China is an all-weather friend of Pakistan and the Chinese toys that Pakistan has borrowed (nuclear bombs) are a threat to the world at large , as the Pakistani Defence minister gave a statement saying they won’t hesitate in using their Chinese toys , we need to firm and conduct few hard line covert operations.

We need to be firm and hardline when it comes to fighting terror.

Desh Badal raha hai


Angreezon se jinki yaari thi,
who humein desh drohi batla rahe hain,
jinhone tiranga lahraya na the 2000 tak ,
woh Bhagat Singh ko apna batla rahe hain,
Jo dhram ko desh se pehle sochte hain woh,
khudh ko desh bhakt batla rahe hain,
Godse ke poot ajjkal desh bhakti ki baat kar rahe hai,
Daalon ke rate asmaan chu rahe hain,
mahgayi dekh wazir -e- azam reliance ki advertisement kar rahe hain,
Ambani wale khudhko desh bhakt aur
adani wale khudhko aam admi batla rahe hain

Nang – dhadang baba kapdon paar tipni kar rahe hain,
nicker wale full-pant pehane ki bat kar rahe hai,
are kapde nahi soch badlo,
Khabron wale sach ko jhoot aur jhoot ko sach batla rahe hain,
vakilon ke kapde peh loog katgharon mein khade logon,
ko maar kar arahe hain,
suna hai Wazie-e-azam sasural ja rahe hain


Violation of Article 30 , By declaring Khalsa College as a Private Firm.

Before I start as to how the Akali Government has started abusing its power and is trying to turn Khalsa college into a private firm , it is important that I tell you what article 30 says

Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

(1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice

(1A) In making any law providing for the compulsory acquisition of any property of an educational institution established and administered by a minority, referred to in clause ( 1 ), the State shall ensure that the amount fixed by or determined under such law for the acquisition of such property is such as would not restrict or abrogate the right guaranteed under that clause
(2) The state shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language.

Khalsa college Amritsar was established long back in 1892 .Khalsa College Establishment Committee was set up in 1890 with Colonel W. R. M. Holroyd, Director of Public Instruction, Punjab, as president, and W. Bell, Principal of Government College, Lahore, as secretary. Among the native constituents of this 121-member committee were Sir Attar Singh, Gurdial Singh Maan of Nabha, Diwan Gurmukh Singh of Patiala, Bhai Kahn Singh, Professor Gurmukh Singh and Sardar Jawahir Singh (1859–1910). Many princely states of British India and Sikh people of Punjab gave their financial help to the establishment of Khalsa College, including Maharaja Rajendra Singh of Patiala, Maharaja Hira Singh of Nabha, Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala and Sir Sunder Singh Majithia.

After a prolonged discussion about the site of Khalsa College, it was decided that one college would be established in Amritsar, followed by a second in Lahore. The 300-acre (1.2 km2) campus was sited just outside the village of Kot Sayyad Mehmood, which was later renamed, Kot Khalsa.

The Khalsa college is a property of undivided Punjab which includes present day Lahore too, many poor farmers and household and donated money to set up this prestigious institution but unfortunately so greedy politicians are now trying to turn this private institution into a private firm and declare it as private university,  there are many students who will suffer due to this step of Majethia , If the college is  turned into a private university the whole land and property will be transferred on the name of self-proclaimed owners who call themselves as members of the trust , further more it would destroy the lives of many students who cant afford private colleges and the fee structure would go high and the whole structure would change.

Turning the institution into a private university would violate article 30 as it would change the basic structure as to what the institution was set up  Khalsa college was set up to provide education to Sikh and Punjabi speaking students


I humbly request everyone that let us  stand up for Khalsa college Amritsar and save the future of students