Why? #notinmyname

A protest which was called nation mourning for people who were lynched was a befitting reply to increasing radical ideology in the Country. With the killings taking place at stake of cows and religion, government the targets being the marginalised and minorities, it was a bold step to shunt the sympathisers of lynching and hate crime.  It is ironical how the government is silent of these issues with the tweeting culture the government follows and yet It has majorly been silent over the issue of Lynching.  Junaid 16 was brutally murdered by a mob a  mob killed a police officer in the holy month of Ramadan inside the mosque.

A man is brutally murder and the meat is confiscated and sent for testing? Is the human life of more value than the animal flesh?(not hurting religious sentiments) Why is the government so selective about banning beef? With cow meat being legal in Sikkim and Myanmar while same banned in northern states.

A collective movement which was in headlines with few channels telecasting it live, it was an eye opener for activist all around who gained a new hope that yes the radical ideology can be defeated, yes the unity and core constitutional values can be saved, one’s religion can not be a reason to lynched, in majority of case the meat was not even beef, and still it claimed more than a dozen lives, NOT IN MY NAME OR ANYONE NAME was written on a placard which displays how people don’t want religion to be a reason for hatred. Isn’t it sad that the ganga yamuni teahzib is now endangered, intolerance is increasing and certainly it should no more happen in your name or my name?


Open Letter To Mr Arnab Goswami From An old fan.

Hi, Mr Goswami, I would first to congratulate you for your new venture the Republic T.V, though it lacks the features of a republic and it is disheartening for a fan of my calibre to realise that you are selling the media to such an extent. Sir, I always thought you wanted to start an Independent media channel but you have a large share Mr Chandarshekhar who is part of the NDA.

You have become rather arrogant and shameless in addressing the panellist by using derogatory words and favouring the BJP government, Yes you have always been really open about your political stands but what needs to see more clearly is that you are rather using unfair means to gain TRP.

Rather than presenting a good media channel you are trying to overcast your old employer channel Times Now, unwanted and Illogical personal attacks without a stand are getting you a good amount of TRP with your so called polls which say whether there should be a war or not Sir it’s not your polls which decide the national interest and your so called investigating journalism can not supersede the investigation agencies.

I dare you to play the files of 2002 Gujrat riot, I would love if you crack the case of Malegaon blast and why is your “investigation journalism” silent of the Involvement of BJP government in the Vyapam Scam? Mr Goswami, are you running a channel for the Republic or for a specific government? What proof do you have that Sashi Tharoor Killed his own wife?

Sir, i congratulate you again for staying silent on the mass murders that are taking place of the minorities and the way people are being thrashed for peaceful protest and sir you are the proud proprietor of the term antinational which means speaking against the BJP makes you an anti-national.

I dont know if the nation wants to know or not i certainly want to why are you selling the media and the core values of journalism for the sake of TRP.



From Srinagar to Sukhna

Another blood bath , where are we heading as a nation?

In one of the deadliest attacks on security forces, Maoists killed 25 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel and injured seven in Sukma district of south Chhattisgarh on Monday. In retaliatory fire, 10 to 12 Maoists were shot dead.

The attack took place when a team of around 100 men, belonging to the 74th battalion of the CRPF, based at the Burkapal camp on the Dornapal-Jagargunda road in south Sukma, was out to provide protection for road construction work in the area.

According to the Anti-Naxal Operations unit of the Chhattisgarh police, the Maoists ambushed the CRPF team at about 12.55 p.m. near Burkapal.

“Firing lasted about three hours but the seven injured jawans were rescued using a bullet proof vehicle when the firing was going on,” said Chhattisgarh’s Director General of Police A.N. Upadhyay.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, who was in New Delhi, immediately rushed back to Raipur and convened an emergency meeting of his Cabinet.

Jawan Sheikh Mohammad, injured in the attack, told reporters in Raipur that over 300 Maoists, including some dressed in “black uniform” were involved in the attack.

According to him, the Maoists first sent some local villagers to check the location of the CRPF team.

“Our unit was on road construction duty. Many villagers were also carrying weapons and women Maoists were also present,” Mr. Sheikh said.

“They were carrying automatic weapons such as AK-47, SLR, and INSAS but we returned fire,”he said.

Mr. Sheikh, who was injured in the legs, claimed that 10 to 12 Maoists were killed in the CRPF retaliation, a claim backed by Mr. Upadhyay and the Chief Minister.

“I shot dead three Maoists,”  he said.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the government had taken the attack as a “challenge” and described the incident as “sad and unfortunate.”

This is the second Maoist attack in the last 50 days in Sukma. Twelve CRPF men were killed in March this year near Bhejji village.

The site of Monday’s attack is hardly a few km from Tadmetla, a village where the Maoists had killed 76 CRPF men in 2010.

This area has repeatedly witnessed heavy casualties on the part of the CRPF since 2009.

Monday’s attack was led by Hidma, head of PLGA Battalion 1. The battalion is said to be one of the deadliest armed cadre of the Maoists and during the ambush they carried sophisticated weapons. The group also included many women cadre, an official said.

Hidma is also said to be involved in the Tadmetla attack. On Monday, the CRPF jawans were attacked when they had gone to secure a patch of under-construction road. The jawans, who were more than 90 in number, came under heavy fire from Maoists who had taken position in the thick forests.

An official said the modus operandi was similar to the March 11 incident, when CRPF jawans who had gone to secure a road-construction party were ambushed.

Another official said that several attempts in the past to catch Hidma have yielded no result.

“He always moves around with a large number of men, more than 100 armed cadres and the proximity to the Andhra Pradesh-Orissa border has always helped them escape the radar of the security agencies,” said the official.

The CRPF said that it took them more than five hours to locate the bodies of the jawans as the encounter took place in thick forested area. While 11 bodies were retrieved at the scene of encounter, 12 were found after an intense combing operation.

An official said that so far they had not located the body of any killed Maoist cadre.

Is it time that military should replace the paramilitary forces ?


Pata hi na chala

Kab bachpan se ladakpan agaya Kuch pata hi na Chala
Kab ladakpan se jawani agayi Kuch pata hi na Chala
Kab jawan se yuva hogaya Kuch pata hi na Chala
School ka Basta chuta aur college ka Rasta agaya pata hi na Chala ,
Kab college ki class se office ka cabin agaya Kuch pata hi na Chala,
Kab waqt dhalta Gaya Kuch pata hi na Chala,
Rishtya Naya banya the Jo kab Purane hogaya pata hi na Chala,
Haar baar jab jata Tha Ghar vapas toh MAA Baap Kuch aur bade lagte the ,magar Paisa ki dodh ne Yun uljahya ki kab waqt beet Gaya Kuch pata hi na Chala

Gurmeher , Whats wrong ?

“War killed my father Pakistan did not” how many Gurmeher are there in Pakistan? How many in the United states? How many Gurmeher are there all around the world who lost their father to war?

What if someone said India killed my dad would it be a nationalist statement for people in Pakistan? Oh, wait what was the reason behind the martyrdom on both the sides? The reason was a political war which ended up with a war which claimed lives on both the sides. Yes, the war killed her father, the war killed many other Soldiers too. The profession of a soldier is same on both sides. Then what is so disrupting about “war killed my dad”? Oh yes, the problem is she spoke against the violence that was caused by ABVP yes the problem she posted a video one year back which was turned into a troll when she took on the goons of ABVP.

Mocking someone for her father’s death is certainly unethical, saying you did not score your bat did maybe in that statement war is the bat if the war would not have been there no scores would have been there.

What are this nationalism and anti-national thing going on? Who gave these violent bodies the authority to decide who is a nationalist and who is not? Those who still believe in the idea of  Manusmiriti who spread hatred and give rape threats have no right to comment on my nationalism. Nationalism is a much-abused term which is being used for political gains. Patriotism and nationalism are two different things it is high time that we realize Patriotism is good nationalism is not as Rabindranath Tagore said

“Yes, this is the logic of the Nation. And it will never heed the voice of truth and goodness.It will go on in its ring-dance of moral corruption, linking steel unto steel, and machine unto machine; trampling under its tread all the sweet flowers of simple faith and the living ideals of man.” 

Well the larger issue is of peace and harmony let us unite for peace and walk towards a better society

This Man Insulted the Indian Army-Please report his profile

I am writing this post to unmask a more on who out of failure has insulted the Indian army in various text messages and in groups. I would request you all to report this person for his obnoxious and disrespectful messages regarding the Indian army and the officers of the armed forces ,as per the textual proof this man had given SSB and could not clear it after which he started abusing the armed forces and in specific officers, One of his close relatives is an officer in the  Army medical corps.

He says that he had been a scientist with ISRO, He further calls the officers in the armed forces dumb To which I would like to reply in a very simple and sober manner respected Nilesh Sharma you could not Clear SSB which clearly states who did not have the caliber to join the armed forces. Furthermore how many attempts did it take you to join ISRO seeking advice from another man is not being dumb rather it is being sensible to know others method of work and then try and collaborate to get the best out of it.

Second, you said go back officer – go back officer every team needs a leader even sports teams need a captain. the language which you used clearly states you are not meant to be in the army, don’t try and create a propaganda.16118504_1245121568905554_72993098_n16128416_1269715133104027_592346042_n16144254_1604753689540912_1879959620_n16144261_1604766676206280_541963334_n16144769_1604821246200823_1495717090_n-1

Trending Uniforms? Or men in disguise

I had been waiting for more videos to come and something similar happened BSF, CISF and few more videos have been floated over the social media some stating bad quality of food while others talking of the partiality between Indian armed forces and the Para-military forces.  Before I go further I would like to tell you the difference between Armed Forces and the Para Military forces, The armed forces consist of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce which are mentioned as the Armed forces in the constitution of India. Other than them any territorial force is the police force which may or may not be equipped as the army. Now there is another difference that the Armed forces are part of the ministry of defense whereas Para-military forces are part of the ministry of home affairs.

There is a division of work in the armed forces which is known a trade and there 2 type of arms the fighting arms and the support arms. Which to some extent is missing in the paramilitary forces? As they have the unit wise purchase of ration and they do not have their own hospitals. The main issue being is the food quality really bad? I doubt if it would have been so bad then the issue would have been raised long back if the quality was so bad the soldier should have filed a written complaint. Now why should an action be taken on the jawan who made the video? Not because he raised his voice but for the basic principle of the military code of conduct which clearly states that no one should share a photo/video on social media wearing his /her uniform and revealing identity of being a soldier which might become an aid for the alien nations to gain intelligence inputs.

Strong action should be taken if the food quality is bad and yes there a case in which ration is sold at the lower level to have some extra pocket money whereas sometimes the contracts do not provide the quality of ration that was presented in the tender. Another issue that was raised was that of pension and medical facilities and soldiers of paramilitary forces being considered as saheed I strongly feel that a person giving his life for the country should be considered as a martyr and medical facilities should be provided to them.

Why should we discourage such videos?

We need to discourage such videos because these may harm the basic structure of the army itself as for everything there a procedure and tomorrow a person who has committed a mistake may go on air and say it was not his fault and so on, while the army as an institution of integrity will never indulge in loose talks which might give some emotional support by people  to the so-called video which would be stating one-sided accounts.

Armed forces and the paramilitary forces have their own style of working let us not poke our nose into their working style and question their integrity while we have only one-sided accounts. And I request all the soldiers to file statutory complaints if there is a problem rather than making a propaganda.

The responsible authorities should also get conscious about their work and keep a check on quality of food, to provide accommodation etc which they for providing to the forces as they are under the check of smart phones which may present there mistakes infront of millions of virtual eye balls .


RSS Declared Unlawful 4 February 1948 As Per Text of Government of India’s communique’


RSS Declared Unlawful

Text of Government of India’s communiqué


In the resolution of 4 February 1948, the Government of India declared their determination to root out the forces of hatred and violence that are at work in our country and imperil the freedom of the nation and darken her fair name. In the pursuance of this policy, the Government of India has decided to declare unlawful the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the chief commissioner’s provinces. Similar action is also being taken in the Governor’s provinces.

As democratic governments , the Government of India and the provincial governments have always been anxious to allow reasonable scope of genuine political, social and economic activities to all parties and organisations including those whose policies and purpose differ from , or even run counter to their own , subject to the consideration that such activities should not transgress certain commonly recognised limits of propriety and law . The professed aims and objects of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh are to promote the physical training and education in military matters to the youth of the country. The government has, however, noticed with regret that in practice members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have not adhered to their professed ideals.

Undesirable and even dangerous activities have been carried out by members of the Sangh. It has been found that individual members of  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have indulged in acts of violence involving arson  ,robbery, dacoity (which are punishable in the preparation stage itself according to the Indian Penal code) and murder and have collected illicit arms and ammunition. They have been found circulating leaflets exhorting people to resort to terrorist methods, to collect firearms, to create disaffection against the government and suborn the police and military. These activities have been carried out under the cloak of secrecy, and the government has considered from time to time how these activities rendered it incumbent upon them to deal with the Sangh in its corporate capacity. The last occasion when the government defined this attitude was when the Premises and home ministers of provinces met in Delhi towards the end of November.

It was then unanimously agreed that the stage when the Sangh should be dealt with as an association had not yet arrived and that individuals should continue to be dealt with sternly as hitherto. The objectionable and harmful activities of the Sangh have, however, continued unabated and the cult of violence sponsored and inspired by the activities of the Sangh has claimed many victims. The latest and most precious to fall was Gandhi Ji himself.

In these circumstances, it is the bounden duty of the government to take effective measures to curb this re-appearance of violence in a virulent form and as the first step to this end, they have decided to declare the Sangh as an unlawful association. The government has no doubt that in taking this measure they have the support of all the law abiding citizens, of all those who have the welfare of the country at heart.